Pasco County Sheriff: Don’t Shoot #HurricaneIrma, She’ll Shoot Back [VIDEO]

Pasco County Sheriff: Don’t Shoot #HurricaneIrma, She’ll Shoot Back [VIDEO]

Something that was started as a way to get a little comedic relief took on a life of its own.

Some Americans preparing for Hurricane Irma are coming up with unusual ways to show their defiance.

They are planning to fire bullets into the storm or use flame throwers and lasers to show their resistance – although there’s no way to stop the path of a hurricane.

So far Irma has left a trail of destruction across the Caribbean, affecting an estimated 1.2m people.

More than 43,000 people have signed up to shoot at Hurricane Irma.

“A combination of stress and boredom made me start the event,” explains Ryon Edwards, who created it on Facebook.

Stress and boredom hmmm? This was done as a way to “lighten the mood?” In many ways it did, given the responses.

Isn’t this just going to make the weather madder?” asks one.

“Are liberals allowed to throw pillows? (asking for a friend)” says another.

“It’s time we took a stand against this bully!” reads the event description.

“This is our home, nobody drives us out of our own territory.

“Join me in this fight as we shoot flames at Hurricane Irma and dissipate her on the spot.”

One person has asked if bringing Flaming Hot Cheetos (the American version of Wotsits) will work.

Ok, the Flaming Hot Cheetos might do the trick. But if not, supposedly pushing the storm in another direction will help. If that doesn’t work, try leaning into the 120+ mph wind gusts and screaming at the storm. 

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