Mr. Mueller, Tell Us The Truth!

Mr. Mueller, Tell Us The Truth!

Mr. Mueller, Tell Us The Truth!

Mr. Mueller: I’ve heard truthful, honorable men whose opinions I respect, say that you will be fair, impartial and honest in investigating President Trump in the Russian Probe. But as time passes and more taxpayers’ dollars are squandered, and you continue to cast your net wider and wider to catch bigger fish, I have to wonder if their trust in you is naive.I have to wonder if the fix was not installed from the beginning, that you are of the same mind as Comey and Company, and that the verdict of guilty has already been rendered, just as the verdict of not guilty was rendered for Hillary Clinton, even before all the evidence was in. I’m not reassured of your impartiality when I see pictures of you and James Comey looking fondly at one another, or cozily with your heads together, laughing.

You are supposedly the impartial head of a supposedly impartial body. You do not outwardly display the same hatred for President Trump as does the arrogant little rooster Peter Strzok and his toothy paramour Lisa Page, who Strzok texted saying…

I could smell the Trump support

…at a West Virginia Walmart. Unlike Strzok, you don’t pugnaciously jut your chin out, snarl, resemble a demented Renfield*, and strut about with a perpetual smirk upon your face and an expanding bald patch on the back of your head. Perhaps you’re more subtle. You don’t appear to ooze hatred through your pores, as they do. (And just as an aside, I hope their betrayed spouses have retained divorce attorneys who are absolute sharks.)

Strzok testifies re: personal bias against D. Trump. “Heh, heh, heh.” (

There are many people now who know how difficult it is to fight the Obama/Clinton machine and leftist obstructionism. I believe it will be proven beyond a doubt that the highest levels of the FBI and DOJ have been complicit in obstructing justice and attempting to circumvent the will of the American people by electing THEIR CHOICE for a president. It was to be Comey’s, Strzok’s, Page’s, Ohr’s, McCabe’s, Clapper’s, and Brennan’s choice, NOT OURS! But that failed, so an insurance policy was needed. Is that what you’re in charge of, Mr. Mueller?

A former FBI official I saw interviewed said that you are a man of integrity and honor, and that you realize this will be your place in history. As the facts play out, I skeptically but sincerely hope that you will be fair and unbiased, and not see yourself as someone preordained to “save the country,” as Peter Strzok did in his more grandiose moments. This is the PEOPLES’ America, Mr. Mueller, not YOUR version of it, nor Obama’s, nor the Clinton’s, nor the Trump-hating media’s, nor Trump’s, nor ANYONE seeking to change it into something unrecognizable to our founding fathers. Citizens of this country need to feel secure in the fact that organizations of great power are our protector, not our enemy. And we need to know that future presidents will continue to be elected by the will of the people, not by those who arrogantly feel that THEY know what’s best for us. Because when that day comes, we will cease to be America.

*Renfield is a character in Bram Stoker’s “Dracula.”

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