Mike Rowe Calls Out Nordstrom For Their $425 ‘Muddy Jeans’ And It’s Awesome [VIDEO]

Mike Rowe Calls Out Nordstrom For Their $425 ‘Muddy Jeans’ And It’s Awesome [VIDEO]

Mike Rowe Calls Out Nordstrom For Their $425 ‘Muddy Jeans’ And It’s Awesome [VIDEO]

Nordstrom has evidently decided to quit paying attention to who their customer base really is. First they and other retailers bow to screaming SJW harpies and drop Ivanka’s fashion line for a while, (it’s back in the stores btw), then they debut some idiotic see-through mom jeans.

After those two failures, one would think that the buyers and management at Nordstrom would get a clue. Not. A. Chance. Instead they are now touting a fabulous…I mean FABULOUS…pair of jeans for the low low price of $425! BEHOLD:

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, This. Is. Fashion. For those who wish to portray that they, too, are members of the working class, these jeans are just for you! Yippeee!

Heavily distressed medium-blue denim jeans in a comfortable straight-leg fit embody rugged, Americana workwear that’s seen some hard-working action with a crackled, caked-on muddy coating that shows you’re not afraid to get down and dirty.

Forget the face palm. I need to go bang my head on a desk 5 or 6 times.

Needless to say, many are taking exception to this new fashion idea for guys. It’s a combination of disbelief, derision, and even outright laughter.

Mike Rowe, the long-time host of Dirty Jobs and an advocate for Americans who work in the trenches, was not amused.

He wrote a lengthy Facebook post that is a Must Read in its entirety.

This morning, for your consideration, I offer further proof that our country’s war on work continues to rage in all corners of polite society. Behold the latest assault from Nordstrom’s. The “Barracuda Straight Leg Jeans.”

“Rugged Americana” is now synonymous with a “caked-on, muddy coating.” Not real mud. Fake mud. Something to foster the illusion of work. The illusion of effort. Or perhaps, for those who actually buy them, the illusion of sanity.
The Barracuda Straight Leg Jeans aren’t pants. They’re not even fashion. They’re a costume for wealthy people who see work as ironic – not iconic.

He’s right. This is ironic…and stupid. Mike Rowe absolutely knows what he’s talking about. He rightfully calls out Nordstrom on this.

Quite a few folks commented on Nordstrom’s website. The following were captured before the company deleted them.

One read, “This is a joke, right? Do you also sell jeans covered in cow manure? Oh, that must be the deluxe model.”

Another read, “Gotta love being able to look like I have fed the pigs, helped deliver a calf, and get the tractor unstuck without ever having to leave my BMW.”

Here’s the deal. If my husband or any guy that I grew up with in Wyoming showed up with a pair of these on, they’d be laughed off the ranch and out of town in a hurry!

Try branding for a day. By the time you are done, you’ll be covered in cow/calf snot, blood, iodine, dirt, and cow s**t. If you aren’t, then you sat on the fence and watched from a safe distance.

Try getting out in the fields to cut hay, irrigate, or fix fence. How about getting a tractor unstuck or fixing one that broke down? If you don’t end up with dirt or grease on your jeans then you’re not doing it right.

What about construction workers? Think they’ll show up wearing a pair of these? Yeah. No.

Anyone need a pair of these when they are heading out to fight wild land fires? No?

I can tell you this. I will NOT be running to Nordstrom’s to buy these for my husband. Not only is the price ludicrous, he wouldn’t touch these fake ‘mud’ jeans with a 30-foot pole! He’ll stick with his Wranglers, thank you very much.

A commenter on Mike Rowe’s Facebook post said it best:

These pants are the hard-work equivalent of a participation trophy.

Exactly. If someone feels they have to buy fake muddy jeans to make it LOOK like they did some hard work, they are doing it wrong. Seriously Nordstrom. Get a clue. $425 for a pair of jeans so you can LOOK dirty? Condescendingly Epic Fashion FAIL.

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  • VALman says:

    Fake news. Fake education. Fake relationships. Why stop there? Fake muddy jeans for the fakes who are flakes.

  • GWB says:

    these jeans are just for you! Yippeee!

    Did you mis-spell “hippee” or “yupee”? 😉

    For when you need a pair of jeans as fake as you are.

    I have to say Mr Butts wins the internet for that one.

    Of course, this is merely the logical extension of the pre-worn “distressed” look with holey jeans. I’ve complained for years that you have to have more money than brains to pay more for a pair of jeans that has already been torn up than you would pay for a new pair that you wear out yourself and get a lot more use out of because of it.

  • Neo says:

    Not to mention that everybody I know that comes home in jeans that look like that (except for real dirt of various kinds), and that’s just about everybody I know, throws them in the wash, because we don’t want to look like that. Mr. Butts does indeed win the internet.

  • Johnny says:

    I’d like to see what the cleaning instructions say…

    • Nina says:

      It would’ve been epically funny if they said dry clean only! But no… machine wash cold and then line dry.

  • Chris in N.Va says:

    A fool and his money…..

  • Max says:

    Yep, this is brainless. I mentioned it to my wife yesterday and like many others here she said: why would anybody pay more for clothes that only look used?

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