Linda Sarsour Alleged To Have Covered For Sexual Assault [VIDEO]

Linda Sarsour Alleged To Have Covered For Sexual Assault [VIDEO]

Linda Sarsour Alleged To Have Covered For Sexual Assault [VIDEO]

Linda Sarsour, Women’s March organizer and leftist darling, is now accused of not only turning a blind eye to sexual abuse and assault in her own office, but also blaming the alleged victim for bringing the allegations to her attention.

Here are the facts as presented by former employee Asmi Fathelbab, who worked for the Arab American Association while Sarsour was executive director there. Fathelbab claims that she was stalked and sexually assaulted by another employee, Majed Seif. The details Fathelbab provides are horrifying.

The problems began in early 2009 when a man named Majed Seif, who lived in the same building where the Arab American Association offices are located, allegedly began stalking Fathelbab.

“He would sneak up on me during times when no one was around, he would touch me, you could hear me scream at the top of my lungs,” Asmi Fathelbab tells TheDC. “He would pin me against the wall and rub his crotch on me.”

Asmi claims one of Majed’s alleged favorite past times was sneaking up on her with a full erection.

“It was disgusting,” she tells The Caller. “I ran the youth program in the building and with that comes bending down and talking to small children. You have no idea what it was like to stand up and feel that behind you. I couldn’t scream because I didn’t want to scare the child in front of me. It left me shaking.”

The Daily Caller was provided with a link to Seif’s Facebook page and confirmed his identity, location and employment.

Keep in mind that this is a Muslim woman accusing a Muslim man of sexual assault, while working for a Muslim organization, so noted anti-Semite Sarsour is going to have to actually tie herself in knots to blame the Jews for this one. But let’s not give her any ideas. After all, she already found someone to blame – Fathelbab herself.

Fathelbab says she went to leadership at the organization to report the sexual assault. She alleges she was dismissed by Sarsour outright. “She called me a liar because ‘Something like this didn’t happen to women who looked like me,’” Asmi says. “How dare I interrupt her TV news interview in the other room with my ‘lies.’”

Asmi Fathelbab says Sarsour regularly body-shamed her and enabled Seif’s sexual assault.

According to Fathelbab, Sarsour threatened legal and professional damage if she went public with the sexual assault claims.

“She told me he had the right to sue me for false claims,” Asmi recalls, adding that the assaulter allegedly “had the right to be anywhere in the building he wanted.”

So much for a champion of women’s rights.

If you are a Muslim woman attempting to report an assault by a Muslim man to Linda Sarsour, you can forget it. And don’t try and report it to anyone higher up, either.

Desperate after multiple dismissals by Sarsour, the distraught employee says she went to the president of the board of directors, Ahmed Jaber.

“Jaber told me my stalker was a ‘God-fearing man’ who was ‘always at the Mosque,’ so he wouldn’t do something like that,” Fathelbab claims. “He wanted to make it loud and clear this guy was a good Muslim and I was a bad Muslim for “complaining.”

A furious Sarsour allegedly raged against Fathelbab for continuing to report her sexual assault in the building. According to Fathelbab, her allegations would result in her getting written up for disciplinary action. She told TheDC she was once forced to talk to a detective from the community liaison division about the consequences of making false claims to the authorities.

The Daily Caller was able to verify that Fathelbab did have witnesses who provided contemporaneous accounts.

The source even identified Fathelbab’s alleged assaulter without prompting, “Majed Seif, the man who lived in the building.”

The operative, who is a practicing Muslim in the community, says a toxic culture at the Arab American Association led to the environment of harassment.

“It’s always going to be the woman’s fault over there,” she alleges. “And Sarsour was there to protect the men. She’s not for other women. The only women she’s for is for herself.”

If this were a Christian organization who was covering for sexual assault by claiming that the man being accused was a “God-fearing mean” who was “always at the church,” do you think that the press would buy that story? The media barely covered Sarsour calling for jihad on the current administration – do you think they will manage to call her to account now, in the #MeToo era?
So far, Sarsour and the Arab American Association have both gone silent despite requests for comment. I wonder how far her Democrat buddies in the media, who have been so happy to give her air time before, will go to protect her now. Will the ACLU, who was so happy to support her, now continue to do so when she’s exposed as a hypocrite against the very cause she claims to uphold?

And should we really be surprised when someone who supports sharia law turns out to be the very worst kind of feminist – the one who believes that only she should get ahead, even at the expense of other women?

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