Immunity Case – Ketanji Brown Jackson Not A Genius Either

Immunity Case – Ketanji Brown Jackson Not A Genius Either

Immunity Case – Ketanji Brown Jackson Not A Genius Either

Today was the day the Supreme Court heard arguments in the Immunity Case regarding Jack Smith’s persecution of Donald Trump for election interference. This case hinges on the government’s belief that Trump interfered with the election by believing that he had not lost and claiming so publicly and loudly. Newest Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson used the arguments as an opportunity to prove that she is not only “not a biologist” but she is not a legal scholar or a genius either. Good news for Sonia Sotomayor. She no longer asks the dumbest questions from the bench.

Brown Jackson prefers to put herself up and front. She does not believe in watching and learning. Just over a week ago, I wrote that Brown Jackson “lectured” her Conservative Colleagues to show more “reason and restraint”. KJB (Brown Jackson) could begin by restraining her mouth.

KBJ got kicked to be curb by Trump’s lawyer John Sauer, who clerked for the late Justice Antonin Scalia, when she called the Trump Administration a regime:

“The seat of criminal activity” must be the Biden Crime Family she is talking about. Remember the baggie of cocaine? From The Hill:

Jackson noted that presidents have access to “the best attorneys in the world” to determine whether any of their actions are lawful.

“Why would we have a situation in which we would say that the president should be making official acts without any responsibility for following the law?” she asked.

She later said she was concerned by Trump’s arguments that a president might be “chilled” in office if they must fear prosecution after they leave.

“I think that we would have a really significant opposite problem if … someone with those kinds of powers, the most powerful person in the world with the greatest amount of authority, could go into office knowing that there would be no potential penalty for committing crimes,” Jackson said.

“I’m trying to understand what the disincentive is from turning the Oval Office into, you know, the seat of criminal activity in this country.”

By the way, in the future I will turn off the car radio if I am driving when KBJ starts asking questions. People on the road, thought I was screaming at them.

KBJ’s brain works in a weird way. The disincentive for “turning the Oval Office into, you know, the seat of criminal activity” would be personal integrity, morals and ethics, the press (if we still had journalists}, the Judicial Branch and the public (voting).

Here is another part where KBJ “struggles”:

The SCOTUS Justices will take a test vote in the immunity case tomorrow. Stay tuned.

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  • Scott says:

    KJB, Sotomayor, and Kagan are all excellent examples of DEI hires… because as well all know, DEI stands for Didn’t Earn It!

    They are a sad joke on this nation, and emblematic of how low the left will sink in it’s mission to destroy the nation.

  • Brian says:

    What am I missing? The Constitution is clear that if a President is impeached and convicted then he can be criminally prosecuted. Article I, Section 3 states:

    “Judgment in Cases of Impeachment shall not extend further than to removal from Office, and disqualification to hold and enjoy any Office of honor, Trust or Profit under the United States: but the Party convicted shall nevertheless be liable and subject to Indictment, Trial, Judgment and Punishment, according to Law.”

    In the case of President Trump, he was impeached by the House, tried by the Senate, and acquitted of charges relating to January 6th. The quoted text leads to the conclusion that, in the absence of impeachment, the President cannot be charged criminally. The impeachment mechanism is the check on unfettered political attacks on Presidents that several of the justices expressed concern about.

    Actually, the fact that the Congress proceeded with an impeachment trial of President Trump AFTER he left office reinforces this system under the Constitution. A President who engages n criminal conduct can be tried in an impeachment proceeding even after leaving office. If convicted in the impeachment, the former President can then be criminally prosecuted.

    This is way over Brown-Jackson’s head.

  • Tom Borchelt says:

    How apropos that the article’s graphic shows her taking the oath in front of a handicapped parking sign. Very nicely captured for this DEI hire.

  • Mark says:

    KJB is an affirmative action clown. Will the Democraps appoint an illegal alien to the SC next? The Republicrat cowards would probably go along with that.

  • GWB says:

    I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that – based entirely on the quotes here – Jackson is asking the correct questions.

    The fact is that Trump (or his lawyers) is making the argument that nothing the President does can ever be a criminal charge against the man who held that office. And that is going too far. What most legal experts (who aren’t otherwise idiots) expect is a clarified version of qualified immunity.

    If the Constitution gives the president that power – or constitutional legislation – then he is unlikely to be able to be held to account for it in a courtroom. If, say, he is given authorization to execute military actions, and an American happens to be an enemy combatant, then he has the right to give the order to eliminate that American. Since there is NO constitutional basis for waging war against Americans (except in actual rebellion) he can’t simply drone that Bundy guy for grazing animals on public lands. He has to use due process in pursuit of written law to do something about that. If he ordered the Utah Guard to drone the guy because he as just tired of it all, then he should be legally held to account. Ideally, if the country still had a moral base, he would get impeached (House and Senate), then tried in a courtroom after his removal.

  • Elaine Boone says:

    The Democrat SCOTUS appointees have for decades demonstrated themselves to be magicians. They found the right to abortion in the Constitution, between the clause that gave FDR the right to imprison 250,000 Japanese Americans without trial (in violation of the Constitution) and the right to restrict gun rights (see the 2nd Amendment). These same mental giants found the right to declare the death penalty illegal between the rights in the Constitution that allowed the government to tax employees and employers alike for the Social Security program, whether they wanted to participate or not. The politicians and SCOTUS members of course were exempted from the program till the 1980s. On the other hand to booster their case they cited the clause that forbade government involvement in religion that expressly excluded government involvement in religion. Odd, the government Northwest Ordinance gave land to support churches in this territory, the Congress funded the first printing of Bibles in America, it supported chaplains not only for itself but in the military, but don’t mention that to the supremes.

    As I said the Democrat nominees are role models for people lacking chins, chests, spines, balls, and brains.

  • David Lemoine says:

    President Trump did nothing different from what every other president (and some VPs, senators, and congressmen) has done. Oblamer has thousands of official documents stored in a defunct car dealership warehouse in Chicongo. Biteme probably still has classified documents scattered around his various mansions (how did he pay for these digs?). Trump’s problem is that he collected dirt on the intel community actively working to destroy his presidency. They desperately needed to recover and hide the documents – which resulted in an unprecedented raid on his private residence. We will never know what was recovered and what was planted. What we do know thanks to a brave Florida judge is that this whole clown show is coordinated by Obozo hold-overs trying to cover for the worst president since Jimmie Carter. And now Obiden has inherited that mantle…

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