Girls Will Be Girls? No!

Girls Will Be Girls? No!

Girls Will Be Girls? No!

Can you imagine anything worse than being “misgendered”? I just read one of the most utterly and shockingly absurd stories of political correctness I’ve ever encountered. A prestigious school in Manchester, England, called the Altrincham Grammar School for Girls, recently informed parents that the girls will now be referred to by the gender neutral term of “students” because the staff is worried about offending “those who are transitioning”.

“Altrincham Grammar School for Girls in Manchester fears that using the ‘g-word’ could result in pupils who are changing sex being ‘misgendered’.” Oh my God, how awful for them! How disturbing – not to mention sad – it is that anyone has to refer to “girls” as the “g-word”. Political correctness has now brought us to the point where even the word “girl” stirs controversy.

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“The headmaster of the school wants to ensure that they’re being inclusive of any girls who “no longer identify” as girls.” Imagine the conversation as the faculty debated whether or not they might be offending the one or two (or zero) students (out of 1,350) who are “transitioning”.

What’s next for the Altrincham School? Surprisingly, the school currently has no plans to drop “For Girls” from their name. Although, if they are so concerned about replacing the word “girl” with “students”, I don’t understand why they would leave it. One parent tweeted that “Altrincham Grammar School for Gender Neutrals doesn’t quite have the same ring to it.”

Unfortunately, the folks at Altrincham School are not alone. Educators throughout the world are wrestling with just how to handle the question of gender identity.  At Williams College, “Displaying a sign that is color-coded pink for girls and blue for boys, is listed by the school as a reportable “bias incident,” according to the College Fix.” Seriously, a bias incident. Illustrating the difference between a male and a female by using the colors that have been associated with them forever is now grounds for reprimand.

I understand there is a small percentage of school age children who are diagnosed with gender identity disorder at a young age as was Keat, a nine year old girl, whose story is highlighted in the video below. But the number of such cases is low. Although the total is impossible to calculate, estimates indicate that less than half of 1% of school age children fall into this category. Certainly, we must avoid treating them with derision and rudeness, but do we really need to change our vocabulary to avoid offending them?

This new debate over gender neutrality illustrates that society’s concern for political correctness has run amuck. Must we teach grammar school students that, if they are unhappy with their assigned sex at birth, they can simply identify as the opposite sex? What was once a drift toward political correctness has recently become a rush. The pendulum has swung too far in one direction. It’s time to take our foot off the gas and let the pendulum reach a point of equilibrium. As pendulums will. Staff members of the Altrincham Grammar School for Girls, are you listening?

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  • Appalled By The World says:

    PC has led to the Era of Feeling Good which has led to making mental disorders acceptable and normal. Stop the world already because I need to get off!

    • Pragmatic says:

      And the sad truth is, the mental health industry (for that’s what it is: an industry – not a profession) is saturated with lefties so even if you were to recognize that you are mentally ill (most people who are, can’t) and try to seek help, in all likelihood all you are going to get is a “doctor” with a ready list of excuses as to why your misery is someone else’s fault.

  • Cloudbuster says:

    “Certainly, we must avoid treating them with derision and rudeness…”

    Must we? Really? Social shaming exists for a reason, and lack of it is what has gotten us where we are.

  • mer says:

    But we need the important questions answered:
    Does the “g-word” lead to the “g-spot”?

    So the science says that specific combinations of chromosomes give one a biological sex of male or female. To the best of my knowledge science has not figured out a way to entirely rewrite a person’s chromosomes, so one’s biological sex never changes. That’s what the science says.

    Now are there biological males that “feel like a woman” and like to dress up in women’s clothes and put on makeup? Of course and I’m betting they’ve been around since Adam and Eve were tossed out of the garden. Still doesn’t make that biological male a biological female.

    Transgender at 9 yrs old? I’m calling BS; that’s mommy and mommy or daddy and daddy or mommy and daddy giving into a child’s fantasy.

    • SDN says:

      No, that’s a child being convinced to participate in two adults’ fantasy.

      • Manual Paleologos says:

        I think you’re closer to correct. The child may have whims, or may have a true problem. I think the latter are rare. What is much more common, is that hipster parents think it is cool to be transgendered, and push their children into this “cool fad” to signal their hipness. It is abusive.

        I have a TG friend who has never felt more at peace than after she began transitioning. But although she knew “something was misaligned” at an early age, she waited decades to make the jump. She paid her dues, and was sure. OTOH, I just read an article about a mope who has had over 150 surgeries to “correct” his gender back and forth between male and female. He obviously is a lousy candidate for any kind of procedure. Hamburger man.

    • GWB says:

      One thing to keep in mind: there are instances of people with bad chromosomes. They can have an extra X or Y. They can have both genitalia. These are the folks for whom “reassignment surgery” is appropriate. Interestingly, in the past, doctors have advised against doing that surgery before they reach puberty, at the least, so they can best determine which way that surgery should go.

      But just because little Johnny wants to wear a dress is not a good reason to either commit him to the procedure, nor to even indulge his fantasy. As Sarah Hoyt comments this morning, “Medical care is a bad place to indulge in fantasy.”

      • Manual Paleologos says:

        in the past, doctors have advised against doing that surgery before they reach puberty, at the least, so they can best determine which way that surgery should go.

        Sadly, too many have fallen for the fad and are willing to indulge in surgical or chemical intervention, way too young.

  • I have just patented a simple test to determine the gender of anyone in the world! Simply check for a Y chromosome – if it is present, the child is a boy, if it is absent, the child is a girl.

    I plan on patenting my breakthrough discovery in the next few days.
    I’ll make MILLIONS!

  • john says:

    if that don’t identify as girls, why would they want to go to a school for girls-kick them out

  • Randy Wilde says:

    Sally has six apples. If she gives her brother Tom two apples, to what penalty should the author of this question be subjected for the hate crime of potentially misgendering Sally by using the pronoun “her”?

  • CaptDMO says:

    IMHO-there MAY be a case for “misgendered”.
    The folks included are an ASTONISHING anecdote to biology. So far off “the chart” as to be ignored entirely by “the scientific method”.
    “Gallileo’s Middle Finger”-Alice Dreger.
    NOT an endorsement of the book, merely informational.
    IMHO, “Educational” administrators that abide by endorsing such “new findings”, must be examined for
    mental disability, with an eye toward pedophilic grooming, in a primary target rich, captured audience, environment.

  • Timmy says:

    Feminism is cancer.

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