Egyptian Female Activist Poses Nude and Poops on ISIS Flag. Yes, Really. (Photo)

Egyptian Female Activist Poses Nude and Poops on ISIS Flag. Yes, Really. (Photo)

Her name is Aliaa Magda Elmahdy and apparently she’s an Egyptian social activist and blogger who’s known for doing outrageous things to protest Islamic restrictive and misogynistic theology. However, up to this point, her “protests” have not run the risk of her being publicly beheaded by the most dangerous terror group in the world.

Here’s what she did.

“In the image, the 23-year-old feminist is seen facing the camera, while the other woman, dressed in a black hijab, has her back towards the viewer. Two presumably plastic machine guns are in the background, and the veiled woman is holding up her middle finger. The letters IS are inscribed on Elmahdy’s stomach and on the second woman’s bottom.”

And below, the gratuitous “Pooping on ISIS” photo.


Arab media across the Middle East have avoided publishing Aliaa’s very creative protest photo, since the words “there is no God but Allah” are printed on the “desecrated” IS flag. Her actions have caused a lot of outrage in the region. But really, when isn’t that region outraged?

And whilst I am of the mindset that many fundamentalist Islamic men like to cover their women with as many layers as possible to minimize their very existence, this kind of protest on that issue may not be the best tactic right now with ISIS rising. Personally, I vote we skip the protesting and just kill ISIS – every last one of them and their favorite goat – no questions, no discussion.

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  • I agree about the protest. Pooping on the ISIS flag won’t stop the terrorists. Unlike the brain-dead 60s hippies who used to do this on the American flag strictly to get famous, Aliaa Magda Elmahdy is risking death at the hands of 7th century barbarians. But I think it is more effective to drop a bomb on terrorists and their supporters rather than a dooky on a terrorist flag.

    That said, Aliaa Magda Elmahdy garnishing the ISIS flag with diaper gravy is more intelligent and effective action than anything we can expect from the Obama administration. It says something scary about our present leaders that a nekkid lady taking a dump and broadcasting the photo of it around the world is both smarter and has a better grasp of reality than any of them.

    • GWB says:

      Better than a hashtag! #ISISissh!t

    • John Campbell says:

      Give her a bath and she’s far mare attractive than anything of ISIS as well. I wonder though, is their version of a “feminist” the same as ours? If so my comment just proved what everyone, including myself, already knows about me. I still open doors for the ladies too. Preferably after she has a shower. :o)

      • bigbumbrenda says:

        come on! she’s doing something thoughtful and provocative and obviously risky and all some people can say is ‘heheh, give her a bath and i’d ‘ave her….’ nudge nudge, wink wink.. Bit sad really.

  • Bubba says:

    Great tits.

  • Eleanor in Hell says:

    The two flag garnishments are not the same, so there’s a certain deflated impact resulting from the somewhat crude blackout-editing of the photo. With a little search effort, the original can be found.

    BTW, it’s Lucifer’s new screen-saver. 🙂

  • F.D.R. in Hell says:

    Hey, Babs, ix-nay on the een-scray aver-say.
    You know how Lucifer is intimidated by Moslems.
    He might end up murdered by one of those butchers.
    Oh, wait. Never mind. 👿

  • Wild Bill says:

    It improves the flag.

  • Dex Quire says:

    Finally; ridicule is a powerful tool; Aliaa is not risking her life because we’ve got her back, right? Western feminists especially will defend her…

    • get2djnow says:

      Got her back? You’re kidding, right? Feminists only attack men that won’t slaughter them wholesale, they’re not the type to protest men who think that killing a woman is akin to scraping off the bottom of their shoes. Feminists, and we’re talking about the type who have made “rape culture” a thing, only attack men who would hold the door for a woman, and be willing to mentor one at work.

      • bouern says:

        Lol. No I would defend these women. But the extreme distance in location is hindering such a thing. You don’t know anything about feminism please leave and do some research for a while.

  • OffendedMan says:

    LOL! This is definitely satire’s “Nuclear Option.” Love it.

  • denny says: Secretary of State? Would be a significant improvement.

  • Stuart Smith. says:

    Well done girl, look forward to buying you a drink and a meal in London if you ever want to meet up. It would be my pleasure.

  • Donkey Joto says:

    Those “machine guns” look like AK-platform assault rifles. I wouldn’t presume they are plastic. Real ones are easy enough to find.
    If the delightfully brave Miss Elmahdy really wanted to get ISIS’ goat (so to speak) she’d have posed with M4s. Maybe next time..

  • Amy says:

    While I am, generally speaking, against crude visual/graphic metaphors involving feces or urine, I am thrilled beyond words with this woman’s sheer GUTS. If I could meet her I’d get her autograph and treasure it forever.

    She, unlike the “gutsy”, “edgy”, “in-your-face”, “shock-the-bourgeoisie” Western activists who bravely take on (*gasp*) those killer Republicans and the increasing numbers of ultra-violent Christians who behead and mutilate non-Christians in the name of Jesus, actually has something to lose.

    Unlike our daring and courageous Western activists who know they have nothing essential to lose by pushing the buttons of people in their own over-civilized culture, this beautiful young woman is actually taking a stand for something that she believes in that may cause her to lose her life.

    But where are our brave Western feminists and gay activists who will protest to Islam the persecution of their own? Where is their outrage and pushback to a radical religious culture that practices real rather than perceived tyranny and oppression? Not to mention mutilation and murder?

    Unlike our brave Western activists who face down the worst kind of subjugation and tyranny every single day (*snort*), this beautiful young woman may actually lose her life over this incredibly brave and offensive statement made in bare-knuckled defiance of radical Islam.

    The brave and daring Robert Mapplethorpe who so courageously rattles the cages of Western Christians with “Piss Christ” images (because every moment he does so his life is in danger) should take a leaf out of this woman’s book and start protesting the oppression and persecution of gays by Islam. Maybe he can take a drawing of The Prophet (PBUH) and stick that in a jar of urine. Cowardly putz.

    Anyway, even though I’m tempted to join the dreary, passe Facebook so I can show my support to her directly by liking her pics and posts, I chickened out when it came to actually posting in the Times of Israel article because it would have let FB into my email. In the old joke about what’s the difference between a pig and a musician, in this case, I’m the pig: there are some things I just won’t do.

    But I’m definitely going to try to find a Paypal account for her. I don’t care what she does with the money. She deserves it.

    I only hope this media attention nets her an overwhelming amount of support by people who see through the pure evil of murder and subjugation in the name of religion. Current and most prevalent form of evil being radical Islam, and in this particular case, ISIS.

    • obaggerdrone says:

      you hear from the drones.

    • GWB says:

      If I could meet her I’d get her autograph and treasure it forever.

      As long as she washed her hands, first. 😉

    • Zak says:

      Not only has Robert Mapplethorpe been dead for decades, but it was Andres Serrano who created “Piss Christ.” And the fact that Piss Christ didn’t result in a jihad placed on Serrano doesn’t negate his right or the perceived legitamacies of his criticisms of Christianity- especially conservative Christianity in America. What, anyone who dares to make an artistic expression that criticizes Christianity is a “coward” and a fool, simply because Christians don’t perpetuate their bigotry with as much violence as fundamentalist Muslims? Unfortunately, this whole counter point is pointless, since you clearly don’t know much of anything about what you’re ranting about.

      • cc says:

        you’ve got a lot to learn Zak, fundamentalist muslims flaunt their bigotry with much more violence than christians do.
        both here in the EU and the USA, all you have to do to is open your eyes and look around you.
        if you’re really dead set on believing they’re equally bad then post a few dozen (recent and legit) videos of christians beheading/executing those who do not agree with them.
        there’s much more violence/hate coming from fundamentalist muslims(and jews for that matter) than from christians..
        educate yourself, and a good place to start to show you how much more malicious the fundamentalist muslims are is theync(.com)
        i hope you can handle reality.

        disregard my shitty grammar as english is not my first language

    • Mr Harris says:

      Hmm I feel a scat moment coming on !
      Where’s that picture of Aliaa ?
      I am sure you will respect me disgusting as it may seem.

  • Oregon says:

    Maplethorpe has been dead for 25 years.

  • Amy says:

    P.S. Please don’t hate on the goats. Not their fault.

  • Amy says:

    Oregon: my bad. I just don’t keep up with that crowd. All I really know of him is that one “iconic” image. I stand corrected.

    However, I still stand by my contention that his ilk are only courageous enough to confront those they know for certain will not put them in the way of bodily harm. They are unappealingly and hypocritically silent in the face of real tyranny and oppression.

    Unlike young woman above.

    • Donkey Joto says:

      Agreed, Amy. The world awaits “Piss Mohammed”, though I think Aliaa here comes close.
      A minor detail. “Piss Christ” was done by Andres Serrano, not Mapplethorpe. Mr. Serrano is alive and well but his most famous work is not. Piss Christ was destroyed by angry French Catholics in 2011. So there’s an opportunity for Mr. Serrano to diversify…

      • Zak says:

        I’d say that’s a little more than “a minor detail”, since you’re criticizing the wrong person. Do you people realize how stupid your argument is? People like Mapplethorpe and Serrano are “cowards”because the dogmas they are challenging aren’t likely to get them killed? That’s what makes protest legitimate? How much you flirt with death? How about challenging the mindset of civilized people and encouraging them to consider the bigotry and discrimination people experience every day at the hands of Christians? That doesn’t feel as good as hating on Muslims though, does it? Oh well, I’m wasting my time arguing with people who can’t even be bothered to Google someone’s name before going on an erroneous tirade about them. Pathetic.

  • Art says:

    Piss Christ was not Mapplethorpe. That was Andres Serrano.

  • George Dixon says:

    Obama releases the current ISIS leader from US custody in 2009

    Foley and Iraq reap the rewards… 2014

    Obama has been arming and funding the ISIS in Syria… they got out of control lately.
    Now, the Nobel Prize winning Democrat is bombing the army of the man he released.

    The Telegraph, UK
”ISIS Terror Leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi Was Released By Obama from Camp Bucca in 2009″

    “The FBI “most wanted” mugshot shows a tough, swarthy figure, his hair in a jailbird crew-cut. The $10 million price on his head, meanwhile, suggests that whoever released him from US custody four years ago may now be regretting it…”

    Washington Post

    “The current ISIS leader was captured by American forces in 2005 and spent the next four years a prisoner in the Bucca Camp in southern Iraq. The Obama administration released the ISIS leader…”

    At least LBJ did not hold and then release Ho Chi Minh…
    [Obama’s the very Best the Democrats have… “Smart Diplomacy” at work!]

  • Tom says:

    I wholeheartedly agree with the sentiment that we quit protesting and just kill ISIS. However, isn’t just a little humiliation appropriate for them before those medieval, insecure, brutal, stupid, and gross excuses for living organisms meet their overdue ends. And, what could be better than a little poop with which to supply that necessary object lesson? And, if they bring a knife to a beheading, why don’t we bring a Barrett 50 calibre and introduce it to them from 2,000 yards?

  • Amy says:

    @DonkeyJoto: LOL. We all breathlessly await that courageous stand on diversity, don’t we?

    It seems I am a complete fucking idiot, then. What I get for not doing due diligence, I guess. Apologies to all for my ignorance, and thank you for not making me feel like more of a dummy.

    However, I hope it’s clear that the sentiment is still valid. All these brave, edgy protest artists who are so down on religion are remarkably silent when faced with a truly feral version of it.

    • Jodi says:

      Agreed. I’ll believe they’re brave when they start pissing on Mohammad and displaying their “art” at the Stux Gallery. C’mon. I dare ya.

    • Zak says:

      Have you considered that Christianity is more often their target because Christianity is a more relevant opponent to their freedom and their identities. They don’t live in Islamic nations. Therefore, the bigotry they have experienced came at the hands of good old God fearin’ Christian folk. So they’re cowards just because their art questions the bigotry and hypocrisy of a religion that actually is relevant in their personal lives. But YOU find Islam offensive, so this woman is a hero, while those who’ve suffered at the hands of Christianity in America are “cowards.” Luckily you don’t even have enough credibility as a writer to know who you’re talking about.

      • szara says:

        Hey Zak, you keep whining about “. . those who’ve suffered at the hands of Christianity in America”. It’s one thing if a Christian acts against what Jesus taught, but you are railing against Christianity, as if the doctrine of Christianity is oppressive to people you keep saying have been wronged by it. Why don’t you give examples of this WHOLESALE oppression and hatred that is originating from Christianity!!! Remember, if I say that I don’t agree with same-sex marriage, I am not hating anyone, I am just saying that this act is despicable, not the misguided souls who propagate it. Same goes for baby-killing choice, it IS MURDER!!! So if I object to it, am I a hater and an oppressor??? Why is it that your opinion is protected, and mine isn’t???

  • Evagirl says:

    Within 90 days or less, probably less both of these lovelies will be drawn and quartered. Their only hope is they have a little place out in the middle of a 4000 acre pig farm.

  • Moo Ham Ed says:

    Gee, if this doesn’t cause spontaneous protests and violence and an embassy or worse, then I don’t know what ever could!!

  • Rex Carpenter says:

    Y’all so disapproving of this emphatic statement of contempt for pure, masculine evil should acquaint yourselves with that classic of the ancient Greek theater, Aristophanes’s Lysistrata, in which this act of female revolt against the male culture of violence would be only mildly typical.

    Like that great work of literature, this is hilarious because it is just. You better learn what is funny, as well as what the stakes truly are.

  • Lance Luhrquer says:

    I hope she survives without injury or death!
    I also hope she gets plenty of support, like hidey-holes,
    so she can continue her work! I think muzzie terrorists
    are very easy to enrage so they make themselves vulnerable
    to military action! Or at least I hope so! Thanx for posting!

  • Michael Terrell says:

    I hope wherever she is she can be protected after making this statement

  • bpb says:

    The word is “defecate”. “Poop” is a word that adults use when speaking to children or children use when speaking to other children.

  • john galt says:

    “and their favorite goat.”


  • Garry says:

    Great post,Everyone in Canada supports you 110%, ISIS can also kiss my ass after Iam done having a shit.

  • Mike says:

    Kill all extremists

  • Jim Bob Jacbobson of Alabama says:

    I want to make love to this woman.

  • Kazbek says:

    This Christian Coptic would have more credibility in her protest if in addition to the flag with the koranic text, she used a bible, a Torah and a couple of Russian orthodox icons, to make her point of ” no to religion”

  • […] further in her protest against the Islamic State (IS) with a photo of Elmahdy and a veiled woman pooping and menstruating on the black IS […]

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