Donald Trump Goes After George Bush for 9/11

Donald Trump Goes After George Bush for 9/11

Donald Trump Goes After George Bush for 9/11

There’s a thick and blurry line between being politically incorrect, and being a total schmuck with uncontrollable word dysentery; Trump took to pole vaulting over it like two months ago. Now he’s taking it to a whole new level.

Donald Trump took an unprovoked slap at George W. Bush in an interview broadcast Friday, blaming the former U.S. president for not preventing the 9/11 terror attacks.

Asked by Bloomberg Television anchor Stephanie Ruhle how Americans might trust him to keep them safe, the Republican presidential front-runner bristled at the mention of Bush’s role as comforter-in-chief after 9/11, and President Barack Obama’s similar position following the December 2012 school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut.

‘OK, I think I have a bigger heart than all of them,’ he said. ‘I think I’m much more competent than all of them.’

‘When you talk about George Bush – I mean, say what you want, the World Trade Center came down during his time.’

Ruhle quickly interjected with a defense of our former Commander-in-Chief, a man of character who has more respect and dignity than Trump will ever dream of having.

‘Hold on! You can’t blame George Bush for that.’

Trump responded:

‘He was president, OK?’ Trump responded. ‘Blame him or don’t blame him, but he was president. The World Trade Center came down during his reign.’

His “reign,” Donald? I mean, we knew how you felt about the presidency before, but thank you for once again clarifying.

Jeb Bush hit back in support of his brother.

Watch the controversial excerpt below:

Trump, and his supporters, were quickly called out on Twitter.

Sadly, this response came after Trump was asked if he could reassure the American people after such a crisis. George W. Bush wasn’t perfect, no President is, but he reassured the people of this nation after the largest terrorist attack they had ever witnessed on their own soil. He mourned with us, he cried with us, and we remember. Trump is just a Democrat in Republican clothing, and he proved that yet again today. I wonder how he’ll prove it tomorrow?

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  • Appalled By The World says:

    It sure will be fun when I vote for myself next year.

  • Jodi says:

    BTW: Dude needs an Al Qaeda history lesson.

  • Nina says:

    PULEEEZ… Trump needs to put a sock in it and NOW!. Good grief dude – take 10 steps out of your ego’s way and look at the entire picture.

    President Bush was the right President at one of the worst times in this history of this country and he pulled us ALL through.

    No matter which spin you wanna try to put on your statements, fact remains – you made a YUUUUGE mistake. Own up to it if your ego can handle it.

  • Optimizer says:

    As I see more context, it becomes obvious that this is follow-up to Jeb’s quote about his brother having “kept us safe”, which was applauded. Obviously, that’s was a reference to “W”‘s REACTION to 9/11, and his record AFTER that event.

    Trump’s latest is (just as obviously) to counter that quote by pointing out the absurdity in Jeb’s UNQUALIFIED statement (meaning Jeb didn’t include “since 9/11” in what he said), with over 3000 Americans having been killed by terrorists DURING “W”s watch (which included 9/11).

    Whether it turns out to be wise to point out that Jeb’s claim was technically untrue, time will tell, but Trump can’t count on staying ahead in the polls, and he needs to counter any sound bites by his opponents that might resonate.

    • Marybeth Glenn says:

      Thanks for the comment, Optimizer!

      As for the context, I think I would be angrier if I knew for certain that he used thousands of dead American citizens to take a cheap shot at Jeb.

      Trump is merely a progressive that is finally letting his progressive talking points, which he truly believes, slip.

  • Kevin C. says:

    I don’t know. GWB responded fairly well to 9-11, except for that whole “religion of peace” shtick. Only in hindsight can you see some things he should have paid more attention to in his first eight months (not including pre-transition preparation).

    Trump’s bombast ain’t that bad. If we don’t get immigration under control, little else matters–not that I am 100% confident he’ll carry through. What other choice do we have?

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