Choose Christmas Joy Over Covid Fear

Choose Christmas Joy Over Covid Fear

Choose Christmas Joy Over Covid Fear

Christmas, a time of joy, family, birth, and renewal is just days away. It is a time and season that we need now more than ever.

Since March the entire world has been running under a heavy umbrella of doom and gloom. The virus has dominated everything. Government intrusion into our lives, businesses, churches, and more has become all encompassing and, quite frankly, unConstitutional on many fronts. 

As we noted this fall, the CDC was issuing guidelines on how to cancel Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Times of joy and family must now be suppressed. And we are supposed to be ok with that. We are supposed to follow and adhere to the latest warnings by Anthony Fauci. He is canceling Christmas. 

““I’m going to be with my wife — period,” Fauci told Power Up during an interview on Monday. “The Christmas holiday is a special holiday for us because Christmas Eve is my birthday. And Christmas Day is Christmas Day. And they are not going to come home … That’s painful. We don’t like that. But that’s just one of the things you’re going to have to accept as we go through this unprecedented challenging time.””

By inference, we are supposed to cancel Christmas and choose fear over joy? Why? Because virus numbers are skyrocketing proclaims Fauci. Thanksgiving is killing us all! Except there was no surge, as officials across multiple states have now admitted. 

“Minnesota has also not seen a Thanksgiving related coronavirus case surge. Data reporter David Montgomery with MPR News said he feels confident that Thanksgiving didn’t seem to contribute to any new cases, according to KARE 11.

“There’s absolutely no sign of a direct trend-changing impact from Thanksgiving gatherings here in Minnesota,” Montgomery said, according to the report.”

That news should be welcomed. Instead state officials in a vast number of states such as California, Colorado, Minnesota, New York, and others are busy instituting MORE lockdowns. Keep people cooped up in your homes, don’t go outside! Walking isn’t allowed, but outdoor dining in a snowstorm is! 

If you want to celebrate Christmas with additional family, there are the nonsensical limitations imposed.

“I have four kids, all of whom will be in town for Christmas. Under Walz’s shutdown order, we can only host one of the four for Christmas dinner, indoors. And, of course, we have to stay six feet away from each other, so I suppose that means separate tables. If we are willing to have Christmas dinner outdoors, we can host two of our four children, again, apparently, at three separate tables. The other two will have to drive through McDonalds, I guess.

To understand how insane Governor Walz’s order is, you might need to live in Minnesota. The forecast for December 24, Christmas Eve, shows a high of 10 degrees and a low of 3 degrees. That is Fahrenheit, not Celsius. Christmas Day will be balmy, with a high of 22 and a low of 10, with a chance of snow.”

Like I said, nonsensical. 

The lockdowns are stressing us out. Period. “Scientists” like Fauci KNOW that, but don’t care about the toll this is taking on our mental health. Instead we are supposed to applaud him for giving up his Christmas and follow suit. 

He is wrong on this. We have been living with the reality of this virus for over a year now, and specifically since the end of January. We have been living with the reality of masks – even as the science on masks is unclear, changing narratives, the fudging of data that can include gunshot victims as Covid cases, the arbitrary and unConstitutional shutdowns of our churches, and the multiple instances of our government officials running the ‘Do as I say, NOT as I do!’ gambit. Covid has been weaponized against Americans, and against the world. 

We NEED Christmas joy. We NEED to see our kids and our grandkids. We NEED Christmas Eve and the renewal of faith that Christmas Day brings to us all. We should not ever let Christmas, one of the most special Holy times of the year be weaponized against us. 

We have many reasons to celebrate this year. 

  • Nearly 11 million people in the U.S. have RECOVERED from the virus
  • Vaccines have been developed and are being deployed across the United States due to Operation Warp Speed
  • Our Supreme Court is helping to remind state governments that our First Amendments Rights to Freedom of Religion do not get canceled because of this virus
  • Neighbors and complete strangers have been going above and beyond to help one another through this time
  • Families have drawn closer together

People around the country are coming up with different ideas on how to celebrate Christmas whether it is hosting the Christmas pageant across an entire neighborhood, or put together a digital playlist of previous Christmas concerts, or put on a Christmas concert/cooking show!

This has been a year of fear and fear-mongering. Now more than ever we should not be dissuaded from celebrating all that is Christmas because of a virus. 

Now is the time to reach for those great tidings of joy.

Now is the time for us to choose Christmas JOY, rejoice in the new and glorious morning to come, and put fear LAST. 

Feature Photo Credit: Joy by JillWellington via Pixabay, cropped and modified 

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