Has the label “racist” become so overused by both Democratic legislators and members of the press that it is losing its power? Has the left overplayed their hand in regard to racism? Yes and yes. The moment a statement is uttered or an action occurs that can, in any way, be connected to racism, the cameras roll. This is causing deep division not only among our legislators, but also between Americans. Moreover, it is inhibiting our government’s ability to reach compromises on pressing issues and to ultimately pass legislation which hurts all Americans. But this week, although the cries of racism from the left couldn’t be missed, they seemed to be met more with eye rolls than outrage.

Dennis Prager makes the point that “the left has lost all credibility in using the term “racist.” The University of California lists as an example of a “microaggression” the statement “There is only one race, the human race.” The left labels anyone who opposes race-based quotas, or all-black college dorms, or the Black Lives Matter movement “racist.” And it labeled President Trump’s Warsaw-speech call to preserve Western civilization a call to preserve white supremacy. On race, the left has cried wolf so often that if real wolves ever show up, few will believe it.”

Just this week, use of “racist” dominated the national news. It was hoped that a deal on immigration might be reached between President Trump and bipartisan lawmakers. Instead, Trump’s careless description of Haiti and African nations brought negotiations to an abrupt halt. Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL), that pillar of moral ideals who can’t pass up a chance to vilify the President, was overcome with indignation over Trump’s use of the phrase “shit-hole countries”, which he deemed “racist”, to describe Haiti and African countries where living conditions are unendurable, governments are authoritarian and corrupt, and human rights are but a pipe dream. That an agreement on the issue of immigration hasn’t yet happened should come as no surprise. The issue being debated, or a resolution to that issue, really makes no difference to Democratic lawmakers such as Dick Durbin or to members of the mainstream media (MSM). Because helping those individuals they profess to support takes a backseat when an opportunity arises to score political points. And Donald Trump handed them a spectacular opportunity this week, indeed.

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Dick Durbin, as he stood before the press in righteous indignation as the quintessential classroom tattletale, “described his shock when hearing Trump’s words…he described Trump’s words as “hate filled, vile and racist” and told reporters “I cannot believe that in the history of the White House, in the Oval Office, any president has ever spoken words that I personally heard our president speak yesterday.” He said these hate-filled things and he said them repeatedly.”” Never in the history of the White House Dick?Oh, how could you have endured it? This was Durbin’s moment and he latched on to Trump’s remark, as would a rabid dog with bone crushing tenacity, because casting Trump as a racist and igniting a media frenzy is more important to him than reaching a bipartisan compromise on immigration.

Instantaneously, the airwaves are filled with Durbin’s rhetoric. The story morphs into Trump’s insensitivity regarding the tragic events that unfolded in the aftermath of Haiti’s 2008 earthquake. CNN Anchor Anderson Cooper has to pause because he is so overcome with emotion as he describes the devastation following the earthquake. Wow, this is too painful for Anderson to even talk about. Next, we hear from CNN Anchor Don Lemon. “This is CNN Tonight, I’m Don Lemon. The president of the United States is racist. (pause)… A lot of us already knew that.” Of course you did Don, because you belong to a very special group of elite Americans, the mainstream media.

Finally, Tucker Carlson, injects some sanity into the conversation. “Donald Trump said something today that most Americans already agree with. Those countries are dangerous and dirty and corrupt and poor.” But no one cares. No one in the mainstream media or those who receive their news from the mainstream media listens.

Portraying Trump, or any conservative lawmaker or individual, as a racist is what the MSM lives for. A remark that can be construed as being even remotely racist is, for them, like chum is to a shark. A feeding frenzy ensues which lasts for days, and if the remark is especially “good” as this one seemed to be, it can be revisited endlessly in the future.

Have the media or the Democrats really helped any immigrants by conjuring up this storm? After all, they have shown such sensitivity to these victims who have been disparaged by the President’s remarks. For God’s sake, Anderson Cooper was nearly in tears! In fact, Corey Booker was in tears! Seriously, folks, how has this week’s media frenzy affected those whose futures hang in the balance, those they profess to help? It has hindered, likely shattered, the trust that is already hard to come by between the President and Democratic lawmakers. And without that essential trust, the prospects of a deal are poor. Not only have liberal lawmakers and the MSM not helped immigrants, they have hurt them. And they will continue to, because they just can’t pass up the opportunity to grandstand, particularly on the topic of racism and especially when it hurts Trump. But the public may be getting wise to them for they have played the race card so often and for so long. I agree with Dennis Prager. The left is losing their credibility.

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  • John C. says:

    If Trump has the brains God gave a billygoat, he will never talk with any Democrats without a microphone, and preferably also a camera, again. If the Democrats want to discuss anything in confidence, well, tough.

  • Scott says:

    I’m sure you know, but didn’t point out that the democrats have absolutely NO intention to fix this issue. They knew damn well that the executive order on this subject was an unconstitutional usurpation of Congressional authority, and had plenty of time during the obama administration to fix this by actually passing a law through Congress, as it should have been, but then they wouldn’t have this wedge issue. Just like the dems were the ones who fought AGAINST the civil rights act (for some reason no-one calls them out on that), until the famous line by LBJ, which said, to paraphrase, “we pass this bill, and i’l have those N****rs voting democrat for the next hundred years”… they do just enough to get minorities to vote for them, but not enough that these groups can get ahead, at which point they’d most likely see the lies of the left for what they are, and stop voting for the left.

  • Wfjag says:

    Those countries are dangerous and dirty, corrupt and poor – they sound a lot like Chicago. No wonder Dick Durbin, Democrat from Illinois, would feel so close to them.

  • GWB says:

    Moreover, it is inhibiting our government’s ability to reach compromises on pressing issues and to ultimately pass legislation which hurts all Americans.
    Sorry, but that is a mish-mash of a sentence. I don’t really want congress compromising to pass legislation which hurts all Americans. (That’s what it says.)
    Oh, I also don’t want any more compromise. Because compromise with a leftist means that I have to give up my principles. Almost the only action I want in Congress nowadays is them repealing legislation. Otherwise I WANT them deadlocked.

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