“America’s Most Admired Woman” Subject of Two Federal Investigations

“America’s Most Admired Woman” Subject of Two Federal Investigations

“America’s Most Admired Woman” Subject of Two Federal Investigations

Last week, Hillary Clinton was named America’s most admired woman by Gallup – for the 16th year in a row! This week, she became the subject of two federal investigations. First came the news that the DOJ is investigating the pay-to-play politics which took place within the Clinton Foundation at the time of the Uranium One deal. Next, we learned that the DOJ may be reopening the probe into Hillary’s use of a private server. How can Hillary, who has been perpetually engulfed by legal and ethical controversies since her arrival on the national scene 25 years ago, be perceived as admirable?

The answer lies in the way she is has been portrayed by the mainstream media. She has enjoyed the protection of a media more interested in shaping the news than reporting it. From Whitewater and Hillarycare to current legal woes, this woman keeps on confounding her critics. Will Hillary slip through the net once again or will her crimes finally catch up to her? And what will it take for the media to turn on her?

Hillary has been shielded by a media that, under no circumstances, would accept a Donald Trump win. They have collectively failed to cover, undercovered or misreported events that would have otherwise sunk her candidacy. Even though the mainstream media’s influence has diminished in recent years, they remain the sole source of news for a large number of Americans. Certainly, their coverage (or lack of coverage) of news items has a major impact on public opinion and can sway elections. The mainstream media’s failure to truthfully report the facts about Hillary’s use of a private server and the events surrounding the Clinton Foundation’s involvement in the Uranium One deal have many Americans believing that the DOJ is on a witch hunt.

The media’s umbrella of protection has not only minimized the fallout from Hillary’s crimes and ethical predicaments, it has manipulated the press coverage of her health issues. There have been several instances when significant aspects of Hillary’s health which may have disqualified her from the presidency have been either unreported or incompletely reported in such a way as to intentionally distort the truth.

Recall the 9/11 ceremony during the 2016 election season when Hillary “grew faint” and had to be propped up by her secret service agents. She then fell into the van, zombielike, resembling Saddam Hussein’s statue falling forward at Bagdad’s Firdos Square in April 2003.  The visual, which played over and over again on television and on the internet, was devastating. What presidential candidate could survive that? Then, a brief statement from Hillary’s physician explained it all away, saying that Hillary had pneumonia. And that was the end of that.

Don’t forget the press conference where she obviously experienced some type of neurological event. Watch what happens to her face and head at 20 seconds into the video. Her head begins a series of uncontrollable jerks as the reporters watch. As the movement ends, she begins talking about the chai tea as if nothing unusual has happened. It’s interesting to note the expressions on the reporters’ faces as they try to ignore the big white elephant in the room. Why wasn’t this clip broadcast by every media outlet in the country?

Hillary landing in Bosnia under sniper fire…I don’t think so! Image Source: Business Insider

Perhaps one of her most outrageous, unforced, and completely unnecessary, lies was told at a campaign stop in 2008. She claimed that she landed in Bosnia under sniper fire. That could not have been farther from the truth. A video showed several local children bearing flowers, and even a poem, greeting Hillary on the tarmac. When the lie was finally revealed, Hillary said she misspoke. She misspoke? She lied for God’s sake! Any other politician would have been forced to withdraw in disgrace after fabricating such a story yet the media let her slide. That is the height of hypocrisy when you consider how, in July 2015, NBC’s Brian Williams was caught in a similar lie and the network suspended and then demoted him.

Image Source: CNN

Although the media would have us think otherwise – after all, she flew more miles than any other Secretary of State – Hillary accomplished very little of importance while in office. In fact, it could be argued she caused great harm. Most notably, the State Department denied repeated requests for additional security in Benghazi allowing the security situation to deteriorate to such an extent leaving the embassies vulnerable to the 2012 terrorist attacks. Although records show Hillary was told almost immediately that terrorists had attacked the facilities, for political reasons, she blamed the attacks on an anti-Muslim video (even as she spoke to the victims’ families as their caskets arrived at Andrews Air Force Base). Next, she and Obama actually placed a $70K ad in Pakistan apologizing for the video. This was paid for by the State Department. The media failed to report anything about this ad. Instead, the media used its megaphone to tell Americans that the Republicans were trying to stir up trouble again.

The media once again remained silent as Hillary used the power of her position to enrich both herself and her husband as well as their charitable Foundation. In anticipation Hillary would win her next bid for the White House, money poured in to the Clinton Foundation over the next eight years. In particular, the Foundation received large donations from the parties involved in the Uranium One deal. To be fair, Hillary was one of nine cabinet officials involved in the approval process, but it is clear that the Clinton Foundation profited directly and substantially as a result of the deal’s passage. Hopefully, the newly announced investigation will reveal some solid evidence. Peter Schweizer, in his 2015 book Clinton Cash:  The Untold Story of How and Why Foreign Governments and Businesses Helped Make Bill and Hillary Rich, followed the money trail and revealed unscrupulous transactions between the Clinton Foundation and several foreign government donors. Predictably, the media called the book highly partisan fiction and failed to acknowledge the validity of Schweitzer’s findings.

Undeniably, Hillary’s most egregious offense while in office was setting up her secret server. In an effort to protect her privacy, she put our national security at risk. Prior to turning her server over to the Justice Department, 32,000 emails were deleted by her technology staff. She was sorry, she said, after explaining that the deleted emails were all personal anyway. She claimed she would do things differently if she had it to do over again, but maintains she broke no laws and doesn’t really understand what the fuss is all about. No conservative politician could have survived the revelation of a private server. Again, the media continued to protect Hillary and she very nearly won the presidency.

Finally, there are questions surrounding her campaign’s role in the Trump dossier. We know her campaign as well as the DNC provided funding for the research contained in the dossier. Yet, the media gave her a pass on that. Instead, they turned the tables and attacked Trump for his alleged collusion with the Russians. We need some answers here, something the Clintons never willingly provide. Most importantly, it must be determined if this document the basis for Mueller’s investigation into Trump’s alleged collusion with the Russians and if he knew its origins.

Yet, despite all this, Gallup has once again named her the most admired woman in America! Call me crazy, but what has she accomplished that has been admirable? And will either of the newly announced investigations lead to the indictment she so richly deserves? When will the media recognize that enough is enough, that their continued misreporting (distortion) of Clinton’s crimes and questionable ethics is damaging the country. And when will all Americans smarten up and learn to look at the news with a little more scrutiny?

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  • CaptDMO says:

    Golly, I don’t remember the nice folks at “Gallup” contacting ME!
    How many “investigations” have been peripheral to, say…
    Marilyn vos Savant’s sphere of influence, beginning the moment she left school?

  • GWB says:

    Last week, Hillary Clinton was named America’s most admired woman by Gallup – for the 16th year in a row!
    Wow, what does that say about all your pathetic lives, huh? *EYEROLL*
    I can easily think of 100 women I admire more. And that’s just by going to the sex ads on Craigslist. And working from the skankiest up to the top.

    Most notably, the State Department denied repeated requests for additional security in Benghazi
    More notably, she helped set up the situation by back-stabbing Quadaffy after he had begun helping us out, and causing total chaos in Libya (and, ultimately, all of North Africa).

    Call me crazy, but what has she accomplished that has been admirable?
    Well, duh, she has a vagina! And she has been invested with the hopes and dreams of pussyhat-wearing feminists across the globe! Isn’t that enough? Why do you h8?

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