Watch the House Benghazi Hearing starring Hillary Clinton (Live Feed)

Watch the House Benghazi Hearing starring Hillary Clinton (Live Feed)

Watch the House Benghazi Hearing starring Hillary Clinton (Live Feed)

Hillary is to testify before the House of Representatives’ Benghazi committee today, but if you read the news, it sounds like the almighty Democrat front-runner will simply be gracing the committee with her presence. Articles on her “voracious” spirit outnumber articles on her criminal mindset. The New York Times proclaimed, “Hillary Clinton, Ever a Voracious Student, Prepares for Benghazi Hearing.”

But for all of Mrs. Clinton’s mastery over the substance related to Benghazi, the hearing in many ways will amount to a test of patience and will: To succeed politically, she must remain calm, take every question seriously and avoid outbursts during what is expected to be a daylong appearance, even amid her private frustration over what she sees as a Republican-led effort to hurt her presidential prospects.

JUST to hurt her presidential prospects? No, I’m pretty sure it’s to find out why four Americans died after requests for more security were denied, why their calls for help went unanswered, why the administration immediately crafted a blatant lie, etc… Yet people really believe this is just about damaging her presidential prospects?

Listen, it’s not our fault that having criminals in the White House has always been frowned upon.

That said, according to Trey Gowdy, the main focus of the day will be about the decisions made before the attacks.

The committee is investigating events before, during and after the attacks, but Gowdy said recently that most of the questions Clinton will face Thursday probably will focus on decisions made before the attacks. Those questions could involve rejected security requests, who was advising Clinton on Libya policy (and what their motives were), and what Clinton did with such advice.

A recent letter from Gowdy to Cummings reveals that Republicans are interested in the role of longtime Clinton family friend Sidney Blumenthal. In the months leading up to the Benghazi attacks, Blumenthal emailed Clinton directly about political conditions in Libya, even though he didn’t work for the federal government, according to excerpts of 2011 emails cited by Gowdy.

Watch the live feed below:

While many on the left have framed this as a pointless witch hunt, those of us following the Benghazi investigation have repeatedly said that all they had to do was be honest and forthcoming with information. If this is simply the witch hunt of a blameless individual, why has she lied, dodged, and withheld information?

Sorry, liberal elitists, this isn’t about Hillary’s presidential aspirations, it’s about the men who lost their lives, and the politicians and leaders responsible who have continuously belittled their deaths.

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  • Appalled By The World says:

    Madame Mao suffers from the same delusion that the original did-she simply can’t believe that not all the unwashed masses love and worship her. And her mindless worshipers HAVE to feel their god is being unfairly persecuted- they have no clue what justice means unless the word is preceded by something like “social” or “economic” so for them this is indeed nothing more than a Mc Carthyist witch hunt.

    The Progs are simply nuts-and if you don’t share their insane view of things then something must be wrong with YOU.

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