“Twisting the Babies’ Heads off”: Another Gosnell in Texas

by Kit Lange on May 16, 2013

Another abortionist, this time one with several clinics in Texas, is being investigated amid charges from former employees that he, like Gosnell, murdered babies born alive.  As if snipping their necks wasn’t enough, Douglas Karpen ripped them apart, stabbed them, and even twisted their heads off.

“Sometimes he couldn’t get the fetus out. He would yank pieces – piece by piece – when they were oversize. And I’m talking about the whole floor dirty. I’m talking about me drenched in blood.”

On top of that, this particular stain on humanity also allegedly sexually assaulted the women he was performing these “procedures” on.

Texas Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst has ordered an investigation into Karpen.

“In a week when serial murderer Kermit Gosnell was found guilty of killing babies, I read with disgust about the allegations of Houston-based abortionist Douglas Karpen performing illegal late-term abortions surrounded by appalling sanitary conditions in his clinic…the Harris County authorities should perform a full-scale investigation and take action against those who broke state law.”

The abortion lobby will tell you that these doctors are an aberration, that they are disgusting and twisted individuals who do not represent the “safe and legal” abortion industry.  Unfortunately, we know this to be incorrect.  Abortion—the killing of children—is exactly that: an industry.  Those who engage in the practice of killing the unborn are no better than Gosnell or Karpen.


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