Trump will have formidable opponent if Michelle Obama decides to run

Trump will have formidable opponent if Michelle Obama decides to run

Trump will have formidable opponent if Michelle Obama decides to run

Ladies and Gentlemen, let me present to you our worst nightmare. It is not named Irma, it is named Obama, as in Michelle. You are looking at who could be our first female president. She is a true Category 5 threat.

Just as the American people are preparing for and picking up in the aftermath of some epic demonstrations by Mother Nature, various Democratic candidates are starting to prepare for a 2020 presidential run. Candidates include Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA) (a vindictive former AG of CA, who is super political but not that bright), Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren (D-MA) (co-owner of “You didn’t build that” fame), Joe Biden (former senator D-DE and Obama’s vice president) (AKA Uncle Creepy Hug), and Rep. John Delany (D-MD) (unknown guy who has already announced his candidacy).

Michelle Obama, the next possible politically catastrophic natural disaster for America, has said many times she is not interested in running for president. But Doug Schoen, a long-time Democratic commentator says Michelle is by far the best choice for the Democrats. Her approval ratings top her husband’s and her potential rivals’. Barack Obama enjoys very high approval ratings and anyone associated with him will certainly benefit from that relationship.

Comes out in October. Prediction: outsells Hillary’s “What Happened” by an embarrassingly large margin.

While Michelle is not currently indicating any interest to run for president (though her Facebook fans want her to), I have a sneaking suspicion it really would not take too much to nudge her into a candidacy. Her husband, who can’t seem to go about his life without interfering in ours, would very likely be a supportive spouse, and it cannot be denied that Democrats and liberals really love her. She has little known baggage, except for that time in Chicago when a $316,962/year position to handle community affairs at the University Medical Center was created with her in mind, and then when she left, no one replaced her – that’s how valuable the job was apparently.

Officials at the University of Chicago Hospitals on Tuesday explained a large salary jump for Sen. Barack Obama’s wife shortly after he took office as a normal promotion that reflected expanded duties in her job as a liaison with the South Side community surrounding the medical center.

Michelle Obama was promoted to vice president for external affairs in March 2005, two months after her husband took office in the Senate. According to a tax return released by the senator this week, the promotion nearly tripled her income from the hospitals from $121,910 in 2004 to $316,962 in 2005.


Easton said the hospitals had made a determined effort to deepen their connections to the surrounding community, beginning in 2002, when Obama was hired for the new position of executive director for community affairs.

“There was a real initiative by the university and the hospitals to have a real relationship with the community,” Easton said. “Over time, she developed a staff. . . . It went from zero staff to Michelle and 10 staff.”


Easton said the hospital management believed she merited the promotion based on a series of achievements. They included expansion of the institution’s women and minority vendor purchases, rejuvenation of its volunteer program and work she did to help set up a collaborative effort with South Side clinics and doctors’ offices to provide primary care for low-income residents who otherwise would seek treatment at the emergency room.


Obama’s new salary is significantly higher than her annual earnings during the seven prior years for which the Obamas have released their taxes. During those years, her wages ranged from a low of $50,343 in 1999 to a high of $121,910 in 2004.

After Obama’s graduation from Harvard Law School in 1988, she worked for a few years as an associate at the corporate law firm Sidley Austin in Chicago. Such law practices typically pay lucrative salaries.

But after a few years, Obama moved into a series of positions in local government and non-profit organizations, which typically pay lower salaries.

According to a biography supplied by the medical center, she moved from the law firm to work first as an assistant to Chicago Mayor Richard Daley and then as the assistant commissioner of planning and development.

In 1993 she became the founding executive director of Public Allies Chicago, an AmeriCorps national service program. She later worked as an associate dean of student services at the University of Chicago, a position she held until she was hired by the University of Chicago Hospitals.

While this may seem like an unlikely concern, the possibility of Michelle running should not be ignored. Trump is going to be kept on the ropes for the entirety of his time in office and if he and the Republicans don’t shift the predominate negative narrative, President Michelle Obama could easily happen. Start fitting out your arsenal now. Her job at the hospital was suspiciously timed favorably to her husband’s elections – along with a fat little $1,000,000 earmark for the hospital. If that is all the unflattering material that is to be had, she could create a tsunami of support and flood the field, riding that wave to a Democratic takeover in 2020.

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  • parker says:

    I live in Iowa and would take a tornado everyday if it meant there would never be another obama in the oval office.

  • Kate says:

    Oh good lord. Shoot me now. Please.

  • Scott says:

    It’s truly scary.. she has far less credentials than her husband did, and he had nothing that qualified him for the position (as evidenced by the mess he left us after 8 yrs)

  • Scott says:

    I agree, it is a real threat, logic, common sense, etc. have nothing to do with leftist decision making, it’s all like an episode of the kardashians to them…and their supporters, which is truly scary, that there are so many stupid / evil / agenda driven people on that side of politics that the Mooch could actually be considered a real candidate ( add in pelosi, warren, waters, etc.)

  • Maryann says:

    I read this article to see if you were being sarcastic. It would be another Hillary situation. The leftwing media telling everyone she has a 99.9% chance of winning and then Michelle losing with impunity on election day. Besides the Obama’s are pretty wealthy now. They like yachting with billionaires and are reportedly buying property on Marthas Vineyard. Why run for President when you have money and privacy to do what you want?

    • Scott says:

      “Why run for President when you have money and privacy to do what you want?”

      One word… POWER

      • Maryann says:

        True but I think Michelle would wither under the scrutiny of the office. Barack had the ability to hide his true feelings and project a presidential demeanor but Michelle with her permanent BRF wears her feelings on her face. Plus she is no oratorical genius.

        • Scott says:

          Oratorical genius??? Hell BHO couldn’t speak his own name without a teleprompter, and I agree Mooch would be at least as bad, and yeah, that RBF of hers would tell the world that ” for the first time in her adult life, she’s proud of her country”… Ooooh wait, she already said that…. well, maybe this time someone will cover it..

    • Jenny North says:

      Power is exactly right. Barack can’t give it up and Michelle would love to lord it over the rest of us. I wish I was being sarcastic, but people were fooled by B.O. thinking they were doing such a social justice by electing him – they wouldn’t listen to his past. They can still be fooled to think they are doing that one better by electing her.

      I admit, I am jaded – elections aren’t about the best person winning, though sometimes that does happen. All my liberal friends would love this and they might be able to pull away moderates if Trump doesn’t find a way to turn around the negative media – that drum beat is lethal in the long run.

      • Scott says:

        We can only hope that the leftist things and idiots keep up their crap, and piss off everyone in the country that considers themselves an American… they’re on the right path, now if DOJ will dig into where the money comes from, since they’ve declared antifa a terrorist organization. When it becomes clear enough that it can no longer be denied that soros is pulling the strings, MAYBE some will get hit hard enough with the clue bat to stop this stupidity

        • Jenny North says:

          I hope so. I was very surprised Trump won but it did give me hope that a silent majority really did exist. I hope they don’t go back in the “shadows.” The Left’s ridiculous behavior may be the very thing to make sure they stay “woke.”

  • Mike says:

    “Trump will have formidable opponent if Michelle Obama decides to run” Only if he looks at her directly without using a mirror.

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