#TheView: Co-Host Candace Cameron Bure Absent From Kim Davis Conversation

#TheView: Co-Host Candace Cameron Bure Absent From Kim Davis Conversation

#TheView: Co-Host Candace Cameron Bure Absent From Kim Davis Conversation

You may remember Candace Cameron Bure back in the 90’s in her role as D.J. Tanner on Full House. Bure, since then has come out as an openly Conservative Christian Republican and has offered up her opinions on Liberal-leaning shows such as ABC’s The View:

Since she walked into the snake pit and partook in a heated debate with Raven-Symoné on the Oregon bakers who refused to provide a same-sex couple a wedding cake back in July, Bure has been offered a co-host spot on the show, which kicked off its 19th season on ABC yesterday. Strangely enough, Bure was missing during the first portion of the show, to include a discussion about Kentucky clerk Kim Davis, who was jailed (now released) for refusing to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples.


We think Michelle Collins’ commentary speaks volumes when it comes to what we’re dealing with on this show. Because nothing says “intelligent” commentary by women (for women, mainly) like calling another woman, regardless of your feelings about her, a “b*tch” and a “monster”. Bure’s name was rolled in the credits at the beginning of the talk program but Fox News reports that she was not brought out until 30 minutes after the show started and after the other co-hosts wrapped up their conversation about Davis. The View also welcomed back Joy Behar after a two year hiatus. (I know, call us overjoyed on that one. I can’t contain my excitement.)

The absence brought about speculation according to Fox News. According to the star’s Facebook page, Bure was only expecting to be on one segment of the show and fully expecting to be left out of a portion stating “tune in to find out why”.

Strangely enough, openly Christian journalist, Paula Faris was part of the Kim Davis conversation. Bure was brought out eventually and encouraged to partake in a very “stimulating” (or just downright awkward depending on opinion) conversation of sorts with Whoopie about vibrators. Yep, you read that word correctly. Nothing like a Liberal three-ring circus of a talk show to bring the Conservative woman in when it comes to talk about mindless fluff like sex toys while they discuss the latest news topic du jour. The co-host also took to her own Facebook to ask for prayers and encouragement on her first official day:

“The majority of the feedback I get from The View is from liberals (whom I love) but are mean, hateful and downright nasty toward me. It’s incredibly disheartening to read. And while I know I have the support of many, most of those supporters don’t vocalize it on social media. So all I read and the view hears are the negative and discouraging comments I am tagged to that call me a vile, worthless and bigoted human being.”-Candace Cameron Bure

Bure asked her supporters to “not do what many do on voting day..not show up.”

“Be a voice- if not for me but for a show like this so they can hear more than one point of View! If we don’t speak up, they’ll never know.”-Candace Cameron Bure

And, right on cue, the “tolerant” and “loving” liberals came out of the woodwork slamming her for not saying anything. In this case, Bure was damned if she did, damned if she didn’t. Say something, they’re on you. Say nothing, they’re still on you.

Perhaps the reason Bure did not partake in this conversation will eventually be brought to light. Did The View producers mute her on her first day on the job or did Bure herself choose to abstain from controversy and play it safe or did the network want to hype Joy Behar’s return to the show and think Bure might steal her stage? Like some of us (myself included sometimes), may think “why even watch The View“? While we all may take up a different stance here when it comes Kim Davis and her actions, and this is not about whether she was right or wrong, I can’t help but to ask, what good is a show that claims to address social and political “hot” issues if there is not a difference of opinion to be offered? If the liberal-leaning media is willing to take on an individual with an opposing opinion, let them speak! Oh, right. Only one perspective matters here and anyone who may challenge those opinions gets the mute button. God Bless the mainstream media!

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  • I used to watch The View but as politics ‘progressed’ I found myself labeled “Conservative” compared to their rigid, left wing POV. A 60’s ‘liberal’ I realized that I had changed but also Liberal no longer meant the same thing. I stopped watching because of the predictability and rehash of their extreme leftist POV. It just became boring.

    I thought the network was dumping them. The segment you showed was ‘same ole-same ole’. Why bother?

  • Lisa Carr says:

    I was curious to see what Cameron-Bure was going to say about Kim Davis. And agreed, “same-ole-same-ole.” Unfortunately, whether it was a conscious decision on her part to withdraw from the conversation or the network’s, unless she comes forward and says something, both sides, the liberal and conservative, will not know where she stands on the topic.

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