Time Magazine’s “Bold” New Cover Shows Media’s Extreme Bias About All Things Trump [VIDEO]

Time Magazine’s “Bold” New Cover Shows Media’s Extreme Bias About All Things Trump [VIDEO]

If you only read the mainstream media or listened to the political elite talk, you’d believe that the ONLY ISSUE is Russia! Trump/Russia! Putin! Trump/Putin! Think I’m wrong? Google Trump Russia to see what I’m talking about. Better yet, check out what Time Magazine has for it’s new cover.

Folks, the media wants to discredit this Administration so badly that they are willing to fear monger, make things up, and drive an anti-Trump narrative …all because their chosen one didn’t win.

The media’s bias is helped by the DC version of the telephone game as the leaks from FORMER Obama admin officials and holdovers still in the White House are more like a flood of biased information that the media laps up with an ice cream spoon. The media is all of a sudden oh-so-worried that President Trump and the Administration are doing. something. wrong! Where have they been the last 8 years? Oh yeah…

FBI Must Explain Why Their Translator Went To Syria And Married ISIS Terrorist [VIDEO]

FBI Must Explain Why Their Translator Went To Syria And Married ISIS Terrorist [VIDEO]

The FBI has some serious explaining to do! And no, I’m not talking about their botched investigation into Hillary’s emails and servers. I’m talking about rogue employees…

Ditzy Sarah Silverman Calls for a Military Coup.

Ditzy Sarah Silverman Calls for a Military Coup.

In case you didn’t think the Left had already gone full bat guano crazy recently, here comes moonbat Sarah Silverman. On Wednesday night, the erstwhile comedienne tweeted…

French Muslims Learn That Jihad Isn’t As Fun As They Thought

Apparently, the jihad isn’t as fun when you can’t get the iPod to work anymore. Seriously. The Telegraph translated several letters from French Muslims, which were published…

Tying Troops’ Hands…Again

“Is that an rpg in your pocket, or are you happy to see me?” Sadly, that isn’t a line from a Bill Murray movie, but what this…

Bradley Manning: 35 Years Hard Time

First, I’m disappointed no news source has included that line. It’s practically handed to them. That said, my beloved Jonn over at TAH tells me that the…

Shameful. WikiLeak’s Julian Assange Addresses the UN

In the age of Obama anything can happen, like that cyber-terrorist and common criminal-hacker Julian Assange, speaking before the General Assembly of the United Nations today. And…

Berkeley To Honor Suspected Wikileaks Traitor Bradley Manning

For most Americans, someone who betrays their country and puts the lives of our troops in danger is considered a traitor. In Berkeley, that person — Bradley…

Evidence ties Manning to Wikileak documents outing Afghan informants

Yesterday, I wrote about Wikileaks outing of hundreds of Afghan informants, whose lives are now at stake. Early on in the game, Private Bradley Manning was the…

Wikileaks outs hundreds of Afghan informants; Taliban planning revenge strikes

A few days ago, I discussed the Wikileaks document drop, which exposed 90,000 pages of classified documents showing that we were paying Pakistan to aid our enemies….

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