Chaos In Venezuela Leading Up To Symbolic Vote [VIDEO]

Chaos In Venezuela Leading Up To Symbolic Vote [VIDEO]

Venezuela, the socialist paradise, is an absolute wreck. Years of control by dictators like Hugo Chavez and Nicolas Maduro have turned the country into a slow-motion starving disaster. Maduro’s solution? Rewrite the Venezuelan constitution to give his party even more power, and most likely install himself as dictator, instead of continuing to pretend that he will actually stand for reelection in December 2018.

Protester in Venezuela (photo: Reuters)
The Venezuelan Supreme Court also tried to seize power away from its Congress – a decision which was quickly reversed – but started what has turned into more than 100 days of solid protests by the Venezuelan people, with at least 92 people dead.

There is a symbolic vote scheduled for Sunday, in a last-ditch effort for the people to at least make their voices heard.

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Double Standard? MLB vs. NFL Reactions To Players’ Commentary [VIDEO]

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Trump Fangirl Scottie Nell Hughes: “Riots Aren’t Necessarily A Bad Thing” [Video]

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