Is This Divorce For Huma And Anthony Ever Happening?

Is This Divorce For Huma And Anthony Ever Happening?

For better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, for spousal privilege that cannot compel testimony against the other… the Abedin/Weiner petition for divorce was withdrawn today in a Manhattan courtroom.

Kids Are Off-Limits, And That Includes Barron Trump [VIDEO]

The rule is that the minor children of political figures are always off-limits. That applied to the Obama girls, and it now applies to Barron Trump. The…

Hillary Promises She Turned Over All The Emails – In Writing

Under penalty of perjury, Hillary Clinton has now told a federal judge that yes, she pinky-promises that she has turned over ALL of her work emails to…

Lawsuit Coming? Lena Dunham and Random House On the Hook for Rape Allegations

As we here at Victory Girls have reported this week, Lena Dunham’s story of being raped while a student at Oberlin College completely fell apart this week….

Sharpton Lawyer Accused of Rape, Media Keeping Quiet

Al Sharpton had quite the 60th birthday party. It was held at the midtown Manhattan Four Seasons restaurant, and attended by high-profile Democrats like Governor Andrew Cuomo,…

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