Chelsea Handler: Trump set the California Wildfires?

Chelsea Handler: Trump set the California Wildfires?

Chelsea Handler apparently thinks Trump is the king of evil and he causes wildfires?

Who you gonna call? Not Ghostbusters remake loses $70 million

Ghostbusters was a great 80’s film.  With a catchy soundtrack (and I know you are singing along…) and a funny cast it was an escape film.  2016…

IRS Appreciation Day: Boulder Brainiacs Sign Thank You Card to Tea Party-Targeting IRS

Brain surgeons, rocket scientists, and Mensa members gathered at the University of Colorado in the People’s Republic of Boulder this week to affix their John Hancocks to…

Hollywood Brain Trust “Demand a Plan” on Gun Control (Video)

There have been loud calls from the Left for gun control legislation after psycho-creep Adam Lanza killed 26 women and children at Sandy Hook Elementary School in…

Redefining Rape? Hollywood’s latest Campaign Ad: “Cunning Stunts for Obama?” (Video)

Ok. The name of the ad isn’t “Cunning Stunts for Obama” but maybe it should be. Or how about “Scare the Vote”? That would work here too….

michael jackson’s memorial: one last rub

yes, pun intended. so, beside the fact that everyone at the michael jackson memorial used ‘pure’, ‘sweet’, and ‘innocent’ many times to describe the king of pop…

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