Meanwhile, In the Gun-Free Utopia Known as the UK… [Video]

Meanwhile, In the Gun-Free Utopia Known as the UK… [Video]

Brits are being urged to hand over their guns because firearms crime is on the rise.

Wait, what? Guns? In the UK? Where they implemented some of the most stringent gun control measures in the world in an effort to prevent another Dunblane?

Yes, apparently so.

The National Gun Surrender started on Monday and will run until 26 November.

Air guns, rifles, BB guns, shotguns and pistols, including antiques and ex-military, are among the weapons police said should be handed in.

The amnesty comes less than a month after national figures revealed the number of crimes involving firearms in England and Wales increased by 27% to 6,696 in the year ending June 2017.

How many of us remember Piers Morgan crapping himself on national television after showing himself a major FAIL at coherently debating gun control? Let me remind you.

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