Sleepless in Seattle: Head Tax Edition [VIDEO]

Sleepless in Seattle: Head Tax Edition [VIDEO]

The cuddly socialists of the Seattle City Council got together for some old fashioned Kurt Cobain headbanging Monday afternoon. They must have been wearing protective headgear, to protect eardrums from the yowling that went up as they passed their “scaled down” head tax on large employers.

Massive Pay Raises Given by Seattle CEO Backfire

Tinkering with free market business principles has come back to haunt a young Seattle CEO, just as the city itself is also finding that raising the minimum…

#MinimumWage Raise: A Costly “Gift”

Yesterday morning 20 states across the US raised the minimum wage. The raises are from a combination of laws or automatic wage adjustments. Niraj Choksi of the Washington…

IRS Wants to Tax Free Employee Lunches

In case the IRS hasn’t angered you enough in the last few months, there’s this: The IRS has decided that employers providing meals for employees who work…

CDC Exposes 75 Employees to Live Anthrax-Discovers Mistake On Friday The 13th

Every workplace has work related accidents, but when your workplace is the Center for Disease Control (CDC) “workplace accident” takes on a whole new level of terrifying….

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