Stupid Celebrity Tricks: Celebs Pontificate On Gun Control and Fail [VIDEO]

by Kim Quade on June 23, 2016

Sure as summer follows spring, and as garbage attracts flies, celebrities are out en masse calling for more gun control.

You may remember this emotion-laden call for restrictions on our second amendment rights that celebs made back in 2012. They called it a “demand to end gun violence,” but what they really wanted was to take guns out of everyone’s hands, except for, you know, their bodyguards and such.

Now, while Senate Democrats are making hay out of the Orlando shooting with their hippie-style “sit-in,” celebs are jumping back on their anti-gun bandwagon.


The reigning queen of publicity whore-mongering, Kim Kardashian, tweeted this comment, which revealed her complete ignorance of the difference between terror watch lists and the FBI’s Most Wanted List.

She was immediately — and deservedly — schooled.

Her pronouncements on gun control being a complete, ahem, bust, Kim went back to what she knows best:


Then there was actor Danny DeVito, demanding that we ban the mean old AR-15, probably because it’s the only gun he can name.

He was also schooled.

The Oscar for Best Performance of Stupidity in Anti-Gun Tweets, however, goes to Jason La Canfora, the NFL “insider” on CBS. The ignorance here is of epic proportions, but even though he was fully informed of the error of his ways, he didn’t back down. No, Jason just dug in.

Um, machine guns? Those weapons which have been illegal since 1986?


Sean Davis at The Federalist challenged La Canfora.

Another poster at Twitter helpfully recommended Google.

To which Canfora insisted he knows plenty about guns, thankyouverymuch.

Sean Davis repeated his challenge.

La Canfora’s response? Well, I’m calling semi-automatic guns machine guns! So there!


David Burge of Iowahawk responded with a brilliant sports metaphor. Oh, snap!

Of course with such anti-gun jackassery lighting up Twitter, Dana Loesch had to join in, and she did so visually.

Followers of Dana had fun with pictures, too.


Three cheers for social media! It helps to expose the ignorance of celebrities who want to keep you from owning a weapon and think they have the caché to do so just because they are, you know, famous.

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GWB June 24, 2016 at 5:42 am

You don’t get to pick my terms.

And this is the problem with post-modernism. *smh*
You can call it anything you want, true. But when you’re debating people, you have to agree on the terms. Oh, and you need to use the same terms the audience understands. Otherwise, you’re just farting out your mouth in a hurricane.
Oh, and on top of that, there is a legal definition of a “machine gun”, found in that law (and others) that you link.

Even if this weren’t a Constitutional right we’re talking about, I *really* hate people who abuse the language to say things that just aren’t true.
I wonder if Jason would have a problem with me beating the crap out of him in a dark alley? After all, I call it “grammar correction”, not “assault and battery”. Would he insist on the legal definition in that case? Or would he have the integrity to accept my definition?


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