Rio police lied about Lochte? (Video)

Rio police lied about Lochte? (Video)

Rio police lied about Lochte? (Video)

It is hard to miss the story of the American swimmers claiming that they were robbed at gunpoint and the Brazilian government saying they lied to cover up a drinking binge. Matt Lauer and Bob Costas went out of their way to investigate Ryan Lochte and his teammates claims? No they decided to believe the police in a third world country known for corruption and try to ruin four swimmers. Because gas stations are the safest place in the world, right?

Rio swimmers

Well that depends. Here is an example that is a bit more local and might help clarify things. I live 3 hours from Detroit and have had occasion to visit the Motor City for work. I stopped for gas well outside the city limits. Why? Could be something like this:

Craig’s most recent innovation is Project Green Light, a partnership with gas stations, party stores and fast-food restaurants that have installed high-definition cameras to stream live video to the department’s Real Time Crime Center, where they are monitored. The cameras and their feeds are designed to act as a deterrent and, if they capture a crime, evidence. Craig said 25 percent of violent crime in Detroit takes place within 500 yards of a gas station, which serves in some neighborhoods as a corner store.

Twenty-five Percent of violent crime is within 500 yards of a gas station. In the state where our police keep records. And where our cops who take a bribe that publicly tend to have a new uniform and a set of shiny bracelets when caught. But this is about Rio and four buzzed to drunk college aged kids out in a cab when this happened:

The swimmers, who were returning to the Olympic Village from a party and stopped at the gas station to use the restroom, acknowledge they had been drinking. Using a Portuguese word that broadly refers to someone under the influence of a substance, Deluz describes them as “very altered. I can’t tell you if it was drinking or drugs.” He describes Lochte as “the very blond one. He was the one who was most altered.”

The bathroom can only be described as nasty. See below. I would not use that bathroom in any state of mind. Shudders.

Vandalism would be an improvement over the bathroom’ condition. A sign was ripped off a wall in the process of these four gentlemen doing what drunk guys do and peeing on the ground,

In a statement released Friday, Bentz confirmed police accounts that indicated Lochte damaged a sign during the incident and got into a “heated exchange” with the guards. But Bentz, who said authorities viewed him as a witness and never a suspect in the case, offered a narrative that closely matches Lochte’s revised account that he gave to Lauer three days after the incident. Bentz said his recollection was that money was demanded from the Americans by armed men in order for the swimmers to be allowed to leave.

Money demanded by armed men who are detaining the swimmers. Sounds like robbery to me. But these are moonlighting law enforcement folks (Prison guards to be exact).

“Two men, whom I believe to have been security guards, then instructed us to exit the vehicle. No guns were drawn during this exchange, but we did see a gun tucked into one of the guard’s waistband,” Bentz said. “As Jimmy (Feigen) and Jack (Conger) were walking away from the vehicle, the first security guard held up a badge to me and drew his handgun. I yelled to them to come back toward us, and they complied. Then the second guard drew his weapon and both guards pointed their guns at us and yelled at us to sit on a nearby sidewalk.”

Then money was demanded and in the best tradition of a Tijuana beer run the victims paid the cops to not arrest them. La Mordida crosses borders. Then the story told by Brazilian police spokesmen changed. Conveniently.

Shortly afterward the police released their reports of testimony given by Conger and Bentz that included statements casting doubt on Lochte’s version of events. However, that testimony was missing a portion of the men’s story – their interactions with armed security guards.

But Costas and Lauer will not recant since the story the police told is more in line with their personal biases. Gee why is the media considered biased?  But what do you think?

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