Chelsea Clinton’s Baby Isn’t Worth More Than Yours

Chelsea Clinton’s Baby Isn’t Worth More Than Yours


Chelsea Clinton’s pregnancy — to me — was pretty expected. I mean she’s a woman in her mid-30s who’s been married a few years, I’m surprised it didn’t happen earlier. I’m baffled by the fact that people are actually debating how this will have some kind of effect on Hillary 2016 but hey, that’s what they do in election season (which is always with Hillary it seems.)

Pro-choicers had trouble dealing with conservatives who pointed out that the Clintons said Chelsea is pregnant with a “baby” and not a “clump of cells” — as pro-choicers like calling unborn babies when they are not wanted.

Having a baby and being pro-choice are not incompatible, they point out. Pro-choicers don’t conceptually dislike having babies (as the founder of their beloved Planned Parenthood apparently did)  — but they’ll just take the babies they find situationally convenient.

Tara Culp-Ressler  at Think Progress wanted to clear up a looming misconception, writing “It’s possible to believe you are carrying a baby and choose to end the pregnancy anyway.”

Yes, it’s possible. It’s even legal — but the weight of that sentence hangs heavy. I’m glad she admits that many people choose to end their pregnancies knowing full well they are ending lives (many pro-choicers won’t say it) — but…like someone who leaves a newborn for dead or terminates a third trimester, fully developed baby (as many pro-choicers oppose), how could you?

The value of a human life is not based on a mother’s personal circumstances. The worth of a human life stands alone. We don’t get to decide which life is worth saving and which is not. Pregnancy means it’s already happened. It means you could fast forward 100 years and roll the tape of their lives — full of love and heartache and careers and children and perhaps the elderly death we all hope for.

You could actually just fast forward a couple of months when they will be a crying bundle of newborn, at which point this country actually protects their new lives and places value on them. At which point, murdering them would be unacceptable. At which point, most women would realize what exactly it was they almost did to this pink-faced, 10-fingered human being in their arms.

Ressler calls abortion “a complicated moral choice.” Well, not really…It’s not complicated if you actually believe you’re carrying a human life inside your body — and really, who doesn’t believe that about pregnancy? You’d have to be in complete denial of how we were all made to think otherwise.

A “complicated moral choice” may come if a child is diagnosed with a serious illness that may kill them before birth or if carrying a pregnancy to term will kill the mother. There are certainly “complicated moral choices” when it comes to abortion but a healthy woman carrying a healthy baby isn’t one of them.

So I’m happy for Chelsea Clinton and I wish her all the best with her baby. But her baby’s life is worth no more than that of thousands of others being ended today in the wombs of their “mothers.”

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