Jay Leno’s Whack-A-Gavel: Boehner Hits Pelosi (Video)

Did you watch the swearing-in ceremonies today for the 112th Congress? It was a great day for conservatives. The peaceful, non-violent transfer of power is what sets…

Little Girl Jessica’s ‘Daily Affirmation’ (Video)

Feeling a wee bit down this New Year’s Day? Not liking your life circumstances very much these days? Well maybe this little girl’s daily affirmation in front…

Preparing for the Zombie Apocalypse: A Very Zombie Holiday

As my friend Cathi says, the terms “zombie apocalypse” and “relatives” can be interchangeable during the holidays… But as far as I’m concerned, better safe then sorry;…

Craig Ferguson’s Smackdown of MSNBC’s Richard Wolffe

This lovely smackdown of uber liberal MSNBC’s journo-shill Richard Wolff comes from my favorite American by choice, Craig Ferguson. It’s short and it’s delicious!

fantasy baseball camp, hannity, and ken!

yankee fantasy camp; our blog friend ken suited up in pinstripes; on fox’s ‘hannity’ friday night. we won’t mention the “OMG!!!!” text message or was it email…

‘night of the living democrats’ video starring 5 toes!

hey! this is a jibjab vid called ‘night of the living democrats’ starring five toes, that intrepid two-tongued cat. seriously. night of the living democrats dang zombie…

too late to apologize: a declaration (video)

this is really quite terrific… a parody of sorts of our founders and their decision to write the declaration of independence. here’s how the makers of this…

rush limbaugh dancing at miss america pageant: rush fist bumps video

the person who pulled this video together of rush limbaugh as a dancing, fist bumping judge on miss america, named it “dancing fool”. actually boo on them…

all the liberal people (video)

ok. this video is a parody of the song ‘eleanor rigby’ by the beatles and it’s FUN!

praise obama video

consider this your sunday night serenade! thank god for subtitles and no nightmares allowed. praise obama video h/t sondrak

2016 olympics: the entire planet rejects obama

apparently the personal charms of The One, the fashion icon yet sacrificial first lady, and oprah herself meant nothing to the ioc. chicago eliminated in the first…

not just any flyby

some are guaranteed to energize you. F18 Hornet now that’s my kind of ride. unbelievable!

barack obama is the last kennedy brother

well should some of you be concerned that the kennedy dynasty is now over with the death of ted kennedy, fear not, because apparently slobbering, delusional chris…

secret agent barack OObama: barack vs. domestic terrorism

you’ll remember we talked yesterday about obama’s new interrogation unit well, when the fight against terrorism gets too extreme, special agent barack 00bama is the only man…

the obama kool aid song

heh. funny lyrics – they even worked in a ‘blame bush’ line! hey there obama

happy 40th anniversary moonwalkers!

‘the eagle has landed.’ apollo 11’s astronauts, neil armstrong and buzz aldrin, walked on the moon for the first time forty years ago today on july 20,…

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