#GOPDebate: A Moment of Levity or a “Yuge” Embarrassment?

#GOPDebate: A Moment of Levity or a “Yuge” Embarrassment?

In the mix of Trump and Rubio’s bickering back and forth, Ted Cruz staying above the fray this time and Kasich getting a few words in here…

Hillary Clinton Calls Marco Rubio’s Stance on Abortion “Offensive and Troubling”

Donald Trump wasn’t the only individual talking trash after the first round of GOP debates this past Thursday night. On Monday, Hillary Clinton called Marco Rubio’s position…

#GOPDebate: What Trump’s Twitter Tantrum Says About Him as “The Next POTUS”

November 2016. We are counting the days when hopefully America can make a comeback. When we can perhaps have the hope that our great country will once…

#GOPDebate:  If GOP Candidates Were Guns

#GOPDebate: If GOP Candidates Were Guns

Happy GOP Debate Day! We almost have enough GOP candidates to make up a baseball team, and that makes for a pretty chaotic debate. Every blogger, and…

Saudi Arabia Prepares for Nuclear Armed Iran

Saudi Arabia Prepares for Nuclear Armed Iran

On July 17th, I wrote about how Japan’s Parliament had voted in favor of abandoning their exclusively defensive approach, an approach they had adopted after shedding their…

Marco Rubio Is Making A Big Announcement

We aren’t even halfway through 2015, and already the field of presidential candidates is rapidly growing. First it was Ted Cruz. Then Rand Paul. Yesterday it was…

Interesting: is Charlie Crist ignoring John Cornyn?

The rumblings are growing louder that Charlie Crist may be going rogue and leaving the GOP to run as an independent. Considering the beating he’s been taking…

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