USS John S. McCain Has Collision At Sea, What Is Going On In the Navy? [VIDEO]

USS John S. McCain Has Collision At Sea, What Is Going On In the Navy? [VIDEO]

This is 2017, so unless these are intentional, the United States Navy needs to not be having random collisions between their vessels and civilian ships. The USS…

Manly Man – President George H. W. Bush Turns 93 Today

Manly Man – President George H. W. Bush Turns 93 Today

Today, our 41st President George H. W. Bush turns 93 years of age. Fox News has a fun article – “George HW Bush turns 93: Fun facts…

USS Arizona Survivor Interred Aboard Ship [VIDEO]

USS Arizona Survivor Interred Aboard Ship [VIDEO]

There’s a reason Shakespeare’s quote from Henry V has lived on. It’s because every man or woman who has ever fought in combat instantly understands the meaning….

Student Forced To Shave Head Because Principal Is Clueless About the Military

The story is so simple, and yet the actions are baffling, idiotic, and infuriating. Seven year old Adam Stinnett’s older stepbrother is in the Army, and has…

Remembering Our Fallen

My husband and I just got home from visiting our hometown of Jacksonville, Florida. Often, on federal holidays, Camp Lejeune gives Marines and sailors a 96 —…

Marine Team Challenge Number Three: What will $250 in donations get you?

So, I volunteered for the Marine Team donation matching challenge, and here’s what I’ve been dared to do. If we raise $250 between 2:00 and 4:00 this…

Remember The Cole: 10 Years

10 years ago today, two Al Qaeda terrorists pulled alongside the USS Cole during a routine refueling in Aden, Yemen and detonated a suicide bomb. It was…

Pelosi: Murtha was “a tireless advocate for our troops and Marines in particular”

That was Nancy Pelosi’s response to the news that the Navy was going to name a ship after Marine-slanderer John Murtha. I was browsing the Marine Corps…

Attention, Mabus: Sink the Murtha

Recently, Congressman John Murtha passed away after complications from gall bladder surgery. Murtha, an EX-Marine, was a powerful Democrat, and served as chairman of the House Defense…

May is National Military Appreciation Month

This Month is National Military Appreciation Month. We should be honoring and appreciating our marines, soldiers, sailors, and airmen all year long, but if you haven’t been…

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