North Korea Fires Multiple Missiles At Japanese Waters [VIDEO]

North Korea Fires Multiple Missiles At Japanese Waters [VIDEO]

While the media cycle furiously churns about Trump pointing the finger for wiretapping at Obama and his administration, North Korea decided to shoot off a few missiles….

Vacation to North Korea gets 15 years

Vacation to North Korea gets 15 years

Vacation is a wonderful sometimes horrible thing. It is nice to visit the family or get away for a while or if you are fortunate enough to…

Undercover Videos Depict College Administrators Shredding the Constitution

Just how far are college administrators willing to go to accommodate a student who has suffered “trauma” from “offensive material”? Take a look at this: Project Veritas…

Sony Hackers Threaten 9/11 Attack on Movie Theaters That Screen ‘The Interview’

Really? Variety posted the following quote from some random group of hackers: “The world will be full of fear,” the message reads. “Remember the 11th of September…

North Korea Decides to “Test” A Few Missiles Before Military Exercises

Ahead of planned annual joint military exercises planned by the United States and South Korea, North Korea decided to shoot off a few missiles into the Sea…

Kim Jong Un Executes Uncle by Feeding Him Alive to Starving Dogs

A horrifying new report out of China is serving as a gruesome reminder of North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un’s barbarity. The North Korean news service confirmed…

North Korea celebrates the Fourth of July

By shooting off seven ballistic missiles this morning. North Korea fired seven ballistic missiles off its eastern coast Saturday, South Korea said, a violation of U.N. resolutions…

Our clueless president can’t defend his people.

Barack Obama has suddenly realized how valuable our missile defense systems are. Or has he? During the campaign last year, Obama repeatedly said that he would make…

North Korea conducts another nuke test, Obama and the UN issue a sternly-worded condemnation

I bet Kim Jong Il is just shaking in fear right now. In case you live underneath a rock, here’s the breaking news from this weekend: North…

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