#MtvVMAs: Nine Lessons Learned from Watching the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards

I did it. I DVR’ed the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards. Why would I waste my time? Not because I wanted to see what everyone was wearing…

Caitlyn Jenner ESPN Speech: A Publicity Stunt With An Agenda?

A towering, broad-shouldered figure in a white evening gown showed up at the ESPY Awards last night. My family and I were sitting at the local brewpub…

Kim Kardashian, like, is endorsing, like Barack Obama.

Like, for realz. Because, like, he’s totally into, like, change and stuff. That’s like, totally something, like, we can all, like, believe in. Kardashian quickly explained that…

It’s Official: Kim Kardashian is posing in Playboy

Like that’s a huge surprise. All she’s famous for is being Paris Hilton’s shopping buddy and starring in a raunchy sex tape. Playboy was bound to follow:…

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