The Mainstream Media Does it Again: White (Republican) Women Are Soooooo Angry!

The Mainstream Media Does it Again: White (Republican) Women Are Soooooo Angry!

The Mainstream Media Does it Again: White (Republican) Women Are Soooooo Angry!

The new year is full of new revelations from the MSM, apparently. The latest of these involves a new poll taken by NBC, Survey Monkey and Esquire magazine that ascertains that Whites and Republicans (according to Gallup) are amongst the angriest of Americans to date. Here are some of the stats:

Overall, 49 percent of Americans said they find themselves feeling angrier now about current events than they were one year ago. Whites are the angriest, with 54 percent saying they have grown more outraged over the past year. That’s more than Latinos (43 percent) and African-Americans (33 percent).


Seventy-three percent of whites said they get angry at least once per day, compared with 66 percent of Hispanics and 56 percent of blacks.

Among the most infuriated? White women. You think?

Women slightly edge out men in their outrage, 53 percent to 44 percent. Fifty-eight percent of white women say they are angrier compared to 44 percent of non-white women.

I took the quiz myself and is serves as no surprise, I am 100% angry. You can take yours here:

Aside of ridiculous open-ended headlines and questions in this “survey”, I find it interesting that NBC News felt the need to say that “White Republicans” are among the most angry of Americans. Never once did the Esquire survey ask me what my political affiliation was. And with open-ended headlines such as “Latest School Shooting Leaves Six Dead, Nine Wounded” or “2016 on Track to Be Warmest Year On Record” how does Esquire determine whether the anger is Democrat- or Republican-based? Nope. White Republicans are the only angry Americans and therefore the problem. Way to go NBC on getting that message out there. Never mind crazy, angry liberals who occupy city streets and bust out windows, taking all they want because “they deserve it” in the name of ridding the world of corporate greed. Never mind angry atheists who call God unspeakable names who rally to protest Christians. Never you mind gay couples suing Christian couples over a wedding cake. Or angry individuals who are under the impression that the NRA is the root of all gun violence. Never mind individuals who use city riots as a means of looting their neighbors. Nevermind a Democrat President who acts like a petulant little brat when he does not get his way. Nope, we’re the angry ones The menaces of society.

You know what, Chuck Todd and all of you of the MSM? You’re right. We no longer can pen a story about an “angry white guy” anymore. We are women and we are angry. Let’s count the ways:

1. We women are angry about the current definition of feminism and empowerment and the key figures in society who represent this are crass, classless women who throw around meaningless and indiscriminate sex, vulgarity, emasculate their men, lie to any extent as a means to get what they want (including a Presidency) and sometimes, display a blatant a disregard for life in the name of health care and curing yeast infections.

2. We are angry as women when anatomically-correct MEN get awards for courage and claim the hardest part about being a woman is “deciding what to wear”.

3. We are angry as women and mothers that our kids are growing up in a society with the “everyone gets a trophy” mentality and are therefore taught that their hard work is meaningless because everybody wins. (Some of us are being told we cannot tell someone they can get ahead by hard work.)

4. We are angry that this entitlement mentality bleeds through society into our children despite our efforts to teach and explain values, work ethic and perseverance therefore creating dependence on our government by adults and future generations.

5. We are angry that our children are going off to college to be told that their opinions don’t matter if they don’t fall into line with the popular philosophies and opinions of their professors and that our institutions of higher learning are turning young men and women into a bunch of overly-sensitive wusses.

6. We are angry about our leaders and the blatant disregard they have for our military forces and veterans, sending our loved ones in vain to dangerous parts of the world whilst claiming those holding down the home front are racist and phobic.

7. We are angry that our legitimate concerns and our national security are pushed aside because we have a President who has other priorities like the weather.

8. We are angry that celebrities, who make more money in a few weeks than some of us can ever imagine in our lifetime, are telling us how we can save the environment (while taking private jets), be better citizens and complaining about how embarrassed they are to be Americans in a country that has allowed them their fame and fortune.

9. Christian women are angry for being mocked for our faith while those doing the mocking encourage “love” and “tolerance” for all.

And last but not least,

10. We are angry at the close-mindedness of you, MSM and all of your talking teleprompter-reading heads, attempting to force-feed our American public an agenda and insulting our intelligence. We are angry that a stupid series of questions clumps all whites and Republicans into a box-the stereotypical box of “Angry Americans”. We would whine and say that this is “racist” and “unfair”, go grab our “blankies” and suck our thumbs but that is not what we were taught to do. So instead, we’ll suck it up and embrace it. So, stereotype away. Yep-women-nurturers, mothers, daughters, sisters are all angry. In fact, we’re sick and tired and in 2016, we’re flipping furious.

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