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Anchorage CBS affiliate caught conspiring against Joe Miller

Just One Minute Everything I write is a lie, including this

Marines show UFC fighters what real warriors are

People always tell me, how cool it is what we do, but there’s nothing cooler than being a US Marine. A lot of people look at UFC…

Hot Air Fatwa-endorsing singer featured at Restoring Sanity rally

Jump On It

So, here’s how the Valour-IT competition is looking right now. The Navy and the Air Force is dragging up the rear, while the Army is far in…

Charlie Crist hits rock bottom

Principles, values, integrity, class… over the course of this election season, Charlie Crist has tossed it all away in his desperate bid to hold onto power. He’s…

Rieh World View Lisa Murkowski: Dude, who stole my list?!

Liberty Pundits Operation Alaska Chaos is a massive success

Hot Air BREAKING: Bomb found on Yemen-to-US cargo flight

AoSHQ Dozens Sign Up To Be Write-In Candidate In Alaska Senate Race

Ten Reasons To Support The Marines

Right now, the Marine team is getting our butts kicked by the Army team in the Project Valour-IT fundraiser competition, so we need to step up our…

It’s Time For The Project Valour-IT Blog Competition!

It is that time of year again — time for the annual Project Valour-IT blog competition! Each year, bloggers sign up to represent the different branches of…

Charlie Crist is a shameless idiot

What do you do when you’ve completely sold out all of your principles and received absolutely nothing in return? Well, you become even more entrenched in your…

Michelle Malkin Biden: every great idea in the past 200 plus years has required government to succeed

The Other McCain Goodbye, California

The Daily Caller New O’Keefe video shows NJ teachers bragging about bulletproof tenure rules

Liberty Pundits Systematic absentee voter fraud uncovered in PA

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